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October 6, 2021 7:37 pm  #1021

Re: Movie night

Tristan's POV:

I see Laura when I arrive at school, I am afraid to face her, I lower my eyes as they welled with tears.

Lunch break caught me by surprise, I couldn't concentrate, I gather courage and go sit with Laura. I look at her and give her a faint smile, I am pretty nervous, I don't know what she is thinking...


October 6, 2021 7:52 pm  #1022

Re: Movie night

Laura's POV

I tenderly take his hand.

'I'm sorry you had a rough week without me' I told him my eyes filling with tears. 'And I'm glad you still love me despite the fact I love someone else too. But I don't want to break up with either of you. Can we please continue the way we are' My tears started to run down my cheeks and Tristan's eyes were full too

He gave me a brief nod and we both wiped each others tears. As I did so my mind continued to think about Robyn and what she was doing

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October 6, 2021 8:11 pm  #1023

Re: Movie night

Tristan's POV:

Even though I try to keep my tears at bay, when Laura told me she didn't want to break up with either, I couldn't hold them in any longer. I flush as Laura has never seen me cry before, I'm not sure what she'll think of me, plus I couldn't wipe my tears or cover my face because she was holding my hand.

I feel a little less uncomfortable seeing Laura's beautiful face with big, round tears roll down her cheeks, leaving several thick, shining streaks on her cheeks. We react at the same time, as she releases my hand, I approach both my hands to her cheeks and lovingly wipe her tears as she approached her hands to my cheeks, wiping my tears with her cool fingers. I feel goosebumps as I have never had my tears wiped before. I loved feeling her hands wiping my tears, who would have thought.

"Laura, you know I love you with all my heart and it hurts me so much when I see you and can't hug or kiss you because you are with Robyn. I don't know, maybe if Robyn wasn't so harsh, the situation could be a little more bearable, but still, I don't know how long I could handle it." I say as I lean and kiss a tear from each of her cheeks, wiping her face clear of tears.

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October 6, 2021 8:16 pm  #1024

Re: Movie night

Robyn's POV

It was back to studying after a week off. Because I had planned to do a movie marathon with Laura I'd done all of my homework beforehand so I had the week free to date my girlfriend. Now if was just a question of keeping up with study so I could date her the week after.

At least that's what I'd hoped. I had no way of knowing what she would decide until her week with Tristan was over.

That night after leaving the library, my mind was still full of worries about my relationship I needed to do something relaxing. I stopped on the path and saw the stone benches by the grass. I picked one and started to walk up and down it

I heard Leanne's voice and turned to say hi

'I'm glad I caught you' she said. 'I didn't get chance to thank you for my gift after the marathon

'Your welcome' I replied. Leanne then enquired if it was therapeutic to walk up and down a stone bench.

'It is a little' I confessed. 'But mostly I do it because I like the sound of my boots on the stone'

'May I join you' Leanne asked. I said she could and she chose a bench on the opposite side of the path and started her passes down it's length. In between the sound of two pairs of boots click clacking and scraping we had a friendly chat

'Have you anymore marathons planned' Leanne asked

'No' I replied 'It's just an annual thing. It's actually quite tiring to do one, so it's not something I can do every week'

'Yeah, I understand that' Leanne confirmed. 'I'm taking part in Doctor Who 52. It's a challenge on the Doctor Who forums to watch your favourite episode every week for a year's

'I'm not sure I could do that!' I said seriously impressed. 'How far along are you'

'Week 12 of watching Blink' Leanne grinned. 'At least 13 others are watching it too. Someone called Hannah from Vancouver is doing The Girl In The Fireplace, a guy from England is doing Amy's Choice, there's quite a range of episodes actually

We continued to silently walk for a few minutes before Leanne had to go

'Bye Rob' she said jumping off her bench and giving me a wave. I said bye back did a couple more passes then went my own way back to my dorm. On the way I passed Megan, Laura's roommate and said hi briefly as I passed by

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October 6, 2021 8:23 pm  #1025

Re: Movie night

Megan's POV

I was carrying out my mission to see if Robyn was cheating and saw her with another girl. They were walking along a bench each for some strange reason.

Nevertheless the chat they were having seemed more friendly than romantic and when they parted they only exchanged a wave to each other.

I arranged it so I met Robyn on the path. She just said hi briefly without discussing Laura which J thought was interesting. Even if she wasn't cheating did she really care about her

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October 6, 2021 8:40 pm  #1026

Re: Movie night

William's POV:

Anna surprised me as she followed Camilla's example draping her legs over mine. I felt my member quickly forming a tent in my shorts as I felt her soft, smooth thighs and calves on my bare legs, I didn't even try to hide it, I wrapped my right arm around her shoulders and caress her slim abs with my left hand, feeling the waistband of her shorts.
I see Jarrod and Cam turn to give us some privacy, I bring my right hand to Anna's calves and indulge in them feeling them dance in my hand and take the shape my hand gives them as I squeeze, pat and jiggle them.

I kiss Anna on her lips, with tongue and everything as I explore her abs, thighs and calves.


October 7, 2021 11:42 am  #1027

Re: Movie night

Jennifer's POV

When we had completed our walk and got back to our car we just sat for a couple of minutes without speaking. What should have been a romantic day out had left us more stressed than we ever wanted

'We need to talk to Jarrod' Jessica said after a while. 'We can't go through this again. He'll understand I'm sure'

I was a little dubious I'm not going to lie, but agrees with Jessica's suggestion

'We'll go together' I said. 'To a neutral location without Camilla' I just hoped he could follow instructions this time

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October 7, 2021 5:25 pm  #1028

Re: Movie night

Rachel's POV

I must have been really tired when I got on my plane in Madrid because I dosed off

I was awoken by one of the flight attendants asking me to put on my seat belt as we were flying into Heathrow. I asked her what Terminal and she replied Terminal 4.

When we landed and were taxing to the gate, I quickly sent a message to Kate who was at Hatton Cross waiting to meet me.

It was going to be nice to see her again, I did miss her so despite my busy fortnight visiting over 600 subway stations to pressure test my routes through the Paris and Madrid subways

Once I had got my baggage from reclaim I headed to the Underground station to meet Kate.

She ran to meet me and gave me a kiss then a hug as tears ran down her cheeks.

'I've missed you so much' she said a happy sob in her throat.

'So have I' I said a tear escaping from my eye and streaming down my face.

We broke apart tenderly kissed again and waited for the next train back. Kate seemed to be on her own and she said if I was okay with it and I wasn't sick of trains yet could we travel back on the Underground to Chesham

I agreed with the plan and we got on the train to return to Acton Town

While we travelled I gave Kate her souvenirs which caused her to cry more happy tears. Then I took her through my extensive notes of the Paris and Madrid subway systems and the route I was hoping to follow

We finally arrived back in Chesham as it was going dark and met her mum outside so we could drive back to Kate's house

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October 8, 2021 1:07 pm  #1029

Re: Movie night

Robyn's POV

Before my next class I needed to go to the bathroom so I quickly stepped into a cubicle, picking up my pen pal letter from Sadie. She'd managed to get a job as a supervisor in a juice bar which sounded hard work, but she said she was enjoying it

I heard chattering voices mention Laura and pricked up my ears a little. It didn't necessarily mean mine and Tristan's Laura, but as they talked I found out that yes they were talking about our Laura.

The language they were using to describe her was awful and I had to bite down on my jaw to stop loud sobbing. Tears streamed down my face as I listened.

Presently the girls left and I wiped away my tears, washed my hands and left

I managed to spy Tristan and went over to him asking him if he had a minute.

After checking that Megan wasn't about we entered an empty classroom.

'Somebody knows about us and Laura' I explained. My eyes were filling with tears again but Tristan recognising the seriousness of the situation didn't make a move to wipe them away.

'Are you sure' He asked.

'Yes' I nodded. 'You should have heard what they were calling her. The least rude word began with an S ended with a T and had LU in the middle. The rest was homophobic and biphobic bile' A tear escaped from my left eye and streamed down my face but I wiped it away quickly.

Tristan looked very panicked but he calmed down by taking deep breaths his eyes full too.

'What shall we do?' He asked after a while.

'You need to tell Laura the secret is out, before she learns off somebody else. I'll try and see if I can get more information'

Tristan turned to leave but I called him back.

'I know we've had our differences' I said 'But I do love Laura deeply and I don't want her to get hurt anymore than you do'

Tristan gave me an understanding nod and left the classroom. I checked to see if nobody was hidden in cupboards or anything to heat our conversation and once I was satisfied I left to go to my next class

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October 8, 2021 2:48 pm  #1030

Re: Movie night

Tristan's POV:

I was getting some books from my locker when Robyn catched up in me, she asked if I had a minute to talk to her. Even though she is rude and blunt, I accept only for Laura's sake.

She took me to an empty classroom and looked around to verify we were alone, then told me Laura's relationships were uncovered. I noticed her eyes filling with tears. I couldn't believe it, Laura kept it very well from others, I involuntarily ask: "are you sure?". She confirmed and gave me details of the conversation she overheard. As she was talking a tear finally rolled down the middle of her left cheek, which she quickly wiped away, only to be replaced by not one, but several tears marking more than a few streaks on her fair cheeks.

I felt the urge to wipe her tears, but considering the seriousness of the situation and my failed attempt when she snapped back at me last time I did, I refrained from doing it, only to feel tears of my own sting my eyes. I force them back, no way I'm crying in front of Robyn.

I asked: "what shall we do?" As I breathe deep to calm down. Robyn asks me to tell Laura what's happening, meanwhile she'll get more information. As I was leaving, she called me back to tell me that even though we have our differences, we have to do this for Laura. I nod and leave the classroom.

After the next class I have a short break, which I use to go to Laura and tell her what Robyn told me. I see her eyes quickly filling with tears and her lips starting to curl, I think this is going to be a full meltdown. I grab her hand and quickly walk her to the gym's lockers, knowing nobody is supposed to be there at that time. Laura couldn't hold her tears any longer and four large tears escape each of her eyes and start rolling down her beautiful cheeks, leaving thick, shiny streaks behind as she starts to sob loud and hard.

Before I had time to react she has already thrown herself into my arms. I instinctively bring one hand to her back, feeling it tremble as she sobs, and the other one to soothe her hair, truing to calm her down. I feel her hot tears starting to wet my chest as they seep through my shirt, which makes me hold her tighter still, only squeezing more tears and more shaking sobs from her.

After a little more than a minute, Laura broke the hug to breathe, as I saw her face closing again to my chest, I cup her cheeks and plant a warm kiss on her pouty lips, tasting her tears on her mouth as I felt them with my fingers on her cheeks as I wipe her tears and her tear streaks.

Laura froze as she sobbed involuntarily in my mouth and tears fell like rain on our lips and my still fingers on her cheeks. After a long kiss our lips separate and she looks at me with watery eyes and tears still falling, she asks me: "Tristan, what am I supposed to do?" Before answering I swipe my fingers to the outer part of her cheeks, kissing tear after tear from the middle of both cheeks.

I smile softly and say: "Babe, I think you should think on the long run and choose what is best for you, of course, weighing the benefits and the drawbacks because everything has consequences, and no matter what you decide, I will always be at your side to support you, take care of your tears when needed, hold you if you break down and cheer you as I bring you back after you are recovered".


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