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October 14, 2021 3:40 pm  #1051

Re: Movie night

Seeing William and Anna strip down and get into the water, plus feeling Camilla's parts on fire with my hard member gave me an idea, I suggest Camilla: "would you like to behave dirty in the woods entrance, it is quite a private area". Without hesitating I see a smile on Camilla's face as we get out of the water and bring a blanket as we are only wrapped in towels.

We set behind the first set of woods covering from Will and Anna and place the blanket on the ground, laying on it. Camilla was too hot to wait, she lifted her leg to mount me, I surprised her grasping her thigh in the air sliding to her side, adjusting to enter her in that position, as soon as she felt me becoming one with her she started thrusting her hips against me. My mind stopped thinking about our surroundings and lost myself feeling her inner thigh jiggle against my hand as it clashes against my thigh and I hold it, the back of her thighs and her butt cheeks jiggle and make a slapping sound as they clash against my hips and quads. No more than five minutes had passed when I felt Camilla's body tense, I love feeling her quads and adductors hard after feeling them soft and jiggly.

That got me ready for round two, my member didn't even fully deflate when it was getting hard again, I smiled as Camilla didn't even have time to catch her breath. I slide below her, adjusting myself under her. Camilla began to ride me, I didn't see her embarrassed or even checking for bystanders, I loved that she was enjoying this fully without restraints. I feel her start to drop harder and faster on me, I instinctively thrust against her, feeling her perfectly defined thighs jiggle against my hands and her abs tremble with each thrust. Just when I felt I could no longer hold it in, Camilla tensed again washing me as I exploded like a volcano inside her, making her shudder.

I take a deep breath and roll over Camilla, I see she is sweating, but I decide not to rest as we have to go back soon, I place myself between her legs and softly caress her parts making her tremble and yelp. I slowly start thrusting as she brings me closer to her with her legs. She sets the pace as she pulls me and release me, I place my hands on her hips as I thrust inside her, we gain speed and I switch my hands from her hips to her inner thighs, I love feeling her muscles jiggle as I thrust inside her. Once again, seems we are quite coordinated, we tense at the same time, her thigh muscles jiggle as she releases her fountain of life and I shoot my life giving seeds inside her womb.

We smile at each other, I give her a deep kiss as I hold her body against mine, I give her rear a soft squeeze and we get up and sneak back to William and Anna. We quickly get dressed and set the blanket to prepare the lunch I brought in my backpack.



October 14, 2021 9:53 pm  #1052

Re: Movie night

Jarrod asked me if I wanted to go to a more private place to have some fun. He suggested the enterance to the woods. I gave him a shy smile never having done something like this before, but quickly got out of the water with him following closely behind blanket in hand.

We quickly snuck away from William and Anna, Jarrod laying the blanket on the ground. Jarrod laid down and I spared no time mounting him. He grabbed my thighs and I let out a little yelp out of surprise. I soon realised he was adjusting me so he could enter. As soon as he entered I started thrusting my hips against his. I felt the backs of my thighs and my butt cheeks jiggle as they meet his hips and quads. It couldn't have been more than five min when I felt myself about to bathe his member in my juices. I felt my whole body go tense and I released my juices.

I could tell Jarrod was ready for round two as he hadn't filled me yet. Before I even caught my breath I felt him adjusting himself under me. Without hesitation I started to ride him again. I was so lost in every sensation that I didn't even think to check if there was anyone else around. Honestly, I was so turned on I could have cared less. All that mattered was how Jarrod felt inside me and how it felt to loose all inhibitions inside him. I then stated riding him harder hand faster my thighs jiggling and my abs trembling against his hands with each thrust. Just as I came to the point of no return I felt Jarrod filling me up with his precious liquid. That was all it took. My body tensed and I exploded all over his member.

I could hear Jarrod now panting hard and finally breaking a sweat, but he took a deep breath and rolled me over. I didn't know if I had another round in me but I was enjoying myself so much I let him inside me one last time. As he rolled me over I began to tremble and let out a low yelp as my inner parts were getting tender. I felt him slowly start thrusting inside me and as if instinct I pulled him closer with my legs. I felt his hands on my hips as he begins to thrust inside of me. As I start thrusting faster and harder Jarrod moved his hands down to my inner thighs. I felt him tense just as I was about to loose control. Within seconds we both came to the point of no return and lost control at the same time.

We were panting and sweating so hard, now that we couldn't go another round although my mind did wander there for a second. I felt Jarrod holding his body against mine as he looked deep into my eyes and as we smiled at each other he leaned in for a deep kiss to which I responded in kind. As we broke the kiss I felt Jarrod give my bottom a quick squeeze indicating it was time to get back to William and Anna before they noticed we had snuck away.

We quickly got dressed, rolled up the blanket and walked back to the beach. I was now fully aware of others and started to blush thinking of the possibility we may have been seen during our intimate moments back on the blanket. When we got back to the beach Jarrod layed the blanket down and prepared the lunch as I was taking it out of my backpack. As I sat on the blanket looking out into the water I saw William.and Anna looking toward the shore. I gave them a smile and a wave indicating they should get out of the water and come join us.

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October 15, 2021 12:07 am  #1053

Re: Movie night

William's POV:

I am enjoying with Anna, I don't remember the last time I was with Anna in the water, we swam not far from the shore, at some point intertwining our legs, kissing and caressing each other, I indulged caressing her soft breasts and when she wrapped her legs in my waist I loved caressing her calves and thighs, I give Anna a long and passionate kiss, when we broke the kiss, I saw her eyes, I saw them unusually sparkling, I motion her that we get out of the water and smile at her when we saw Jarrod and Camilla coming back at us.

We look for something to dry as we didn't bring towels, fortunately the sun was still high and we could brush a good deal of water from our bodies, I tenderly wiped water from Anna's body, feeling her neck, shoulders, arms, abs, thighs and calves, then I finished drying her with my shirt.

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October 16, 2021 2:31 pm  #1054

Re: Movie night

Anna's pov:

I was glad I chose to get in the water. I don't remember the !last time I've has this much fun with William. Although we were not far from the shore we were far enough that most of my body was covered with water so I wasn't worried about anyone seeing me. My mind began to drift elsewhere as I enjoyed all the sensations William was giving me. We intertwined our legs and as William began caressing my breasts I pulled him in closer with my legs. I then felt William begin to caress my calfs and legs. He then leaned in for  a really.deep passionate kiss. I kissed him back and couldn't help smiling during the kiss.

As we break the kiss I look over to the shore and see Jarrod and Camilla. They must have gotten out of the water a little while ago as I see Jarrod laying a blanket down and Camilla taking some food out of her backpack. I notice Jarrod wave to us to indicate we should join them on the shore. William then motions to me that we should get out and join them.

As we stepped out of the water, I realized we didn't bring any towels as we hadn't anticipated going in the water originally. It was pretty hot so I figured we'd just dry in the sun anyways, but just then I felt William brushing some water from my body, I assume to help me dry faster. He then brushed some water from his body. As we walked back to our pile of clothes William grabbed his shirt but instead of putting it on he used it to finish drying the remaining  water from our bodies. I realized that meant he'd have to get dressed later without a shirt; and although I wasn't used to seeing him in public without a shirt on I wasn't complaining as I got to keep looking at his fit, muscular abs, chest and biceps. I couldn't help but stare just a little longer at his fit body as he finally dropped his shirt back into our pile.of clothes.

William then picked up all of our clothes and motioned to me that we should walk over towards Jarrod and Anna. As soon as we reached their blanket he dropped our clothes and we both sat down. William immediately asked Jarrod how his swim was as Anna continued to unpack the food out of her backpack.

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October 16, 2021 3:08 pm  #1055

Re: Movie night

Sadie's POV

I tiredly climbed the stairs to my flat to find Liz waiting for me at the top dressed for work. I really loved seeing her in her uniform and knee boots. I knew I would miss this combination of outfit once the warmer temperatures came

'Hey you' she greeted. 'How was your first week'

'Tiring, but fun' I said. I was working at the juice bar whilst Natalie and Helen's least favourite supervisor was on holiday. The girls found this a little funny that he would need a holiday since he hardly did any work but there you go

Although it was only temporary Jan was looking for it to be more permanent. So I just had to sit tight. It was certainly different working there as opposed to just helping out but the girls were glad to work with me

'You actually give us instructions' they said

The one sad thing about my new job was Camilla hadn't responded yet to my message. I wondered to Liz if she was still mad at me allowing Jennifer and Jessica to date each other. It was my decision to let them be a couple, why couldn't she respect it.

'Don't worry' Liz said tenderly wiping my tears off my cheeks. 'She'll come round'

She then suggested since we both had a day off the next day to go to the movies and have dinner

'I've got tickets for The Castle Of Adventure' she said. I told her that sounded good, gave her a kiss goodbye and after watching her leave my sight entered my flat

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October 16, 2021 3:16 pm  #1056

Re: Movie night

Gemma's POV

It was time for Billie's train. We gave each other a loving hug and Billie promised to send me her schedule for the next week when she had it.

When she broke the hug I saw her eyes were full of tears.

'Thanks for letting me stay at your house' she said. I sensed she wanted to say something more but the words weren't coming. Instead the tears in her eyes ran down her cheeks. I hugged her once more as I started to cry too.

'Don't miss your train' I said as tears ran down my cheeks too. We both wiped each others tears away, gently kissed goodbye and parted

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October 16, 2021 3:29 pm  #1057

Re: Movie night

Sophie's POV

'Looking for your wife' Samantha joked as she saw me looking around the playground. I explained that I was looking for Kate but we weren't a couple just friends.

'She has a girlfriend of her own' I explained. 'She likes trains a little too much, but she loves her and they are very happy' Samantha then asked me what the best technique was for scrunchy socks. My heart gave a little skip. I'd enjoyed her pushing down a sock with her shoe during morning break. The prospect of seeing her do it up close was going to be lovely.

I told her to take a seat then pulled up my own socks to demonstrate

'Don't push them down from the top' I explained. 'Do it in sections of varying length so you get a mixture of crinkles' I demonstrated by pushing my socks down like I'd described. Samantha did the same and I got a small sexual charge from her scrunching her socks.

I gave her the thumbs up and she walked away. As she did so a tear streamed down the right side of my face. I had read somewhere that sexual pleasure sometimes climaxes in crying, but had never experienced it before. I wiped away my shed tear and Kate finally arrived

'I managed to find the blonde girl who was crying earlier' she told me. 'She hates her physics teacher apparently who is also now teaching her maths because her maths teacher is on maternity leave. So did she pass'

My mind wandered for just one second before I told Kate that Samantha did pass and she looked really sexy with scrunched socks.

'Good' Kate replied very pleased

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October 18, 2021 4:51 am  #1058

Re: Movie night

I see William and Anna coming with their clothes on their hands and sit beside us. Anna surprises me when she asks how was the swim went. I don't want to lie, yet I don't want to be too explicit. "We swam a little bit, then went to the woods to admire nature (I didn't lie, I admired Camilla's body with all my senses) and we got hungry, so we came back for you. Seems your swimming time was quite intense." I smile as I say this looking at them in their underwear and the clothes in their hands.

I pat Camilla's now soft and tender inner thigh (as she has them bent, crossing her legs as if meditating) feeling it softly jiggle, as her tired muscles are not putting resistance, and motion Will and Anna to sit and take a bite, Camilla helps me unpack the tuna cans with the fresh salad to get energy to go back to where we started.


October 19, 2021 9:15 am  #1059

Re: Movie night

Sadie's POV

I was getting ready for my date with Liz. I was looking forward to the film having seen the original in the cinema.

Liz ran my doorbell just as I was finishing up so I let her in and greeted her with a kiss. After I had put my boots and jacket on we drove to a cinema in the next town so we could watch a 35mm screening

The cinema was packed as it only had 100 seats and the previous film The Island of Adventure had been really popular. Me and Liz thought Maria Fairweather the actress who played Dinah was really hot. She had a bit of competition though in this film as the actress who played Tassie - Sarah Fisher - was equally as beautiful despite her character being unkempt in appearance.

After the movie we went for dinner and we were discussing how they were going to do the next film in the series as the climax was set in a cave with lots of gold treasure and these last two films weren't expensively made.

'They'll work it out I'm sure' Liz said confidently. After a wonderful meal we took a silent walk round the town hand in hand and some of the sights were so beautiful it caused my eyes to well with tears

'I want to remember this day for the rest of my life' I said as they streamed down my face

'Me too' Liz said her eyes full of tears too. She wiped my face and we shared a deep loving kiss

We drove back to our block of flats but didn't want to part just yet. In the car we just looked at each other and both knew we were ready to take the next step in our relationship

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October 19, 2021 9:27 am  #1060

Re: Movie night

Sophie's POV

I unzipped my boots so I could put them on. It was the weekend, the rain was thundering outside so I couldn't go anywhere but I wanted to. I wanted to see Samantha again

Zipping my boots onto my legs I walked around the house thinking of how amazing Sam looked with her knee socks sexily folded down her leg. I was having a crush again which was bad news because I knew she was straight. At least I thought she was. Although she didn't seem to mind that me and Kate were gay, she never indicated that she herself was. She could be bisexual of course, but I'd never seen or heard her express interest in any girls at school

A tear ran down my left cheek. I had already made a fool of myself with Kate's Aunt Gemma and now I was doing it again. I wiped away my tear as a second fell this time down my other cheek

I did want a girlfriend truly. And if at all possible I would like it to be Samantha. But it wasn't looking likely.

More tears ran down my cheeks. This was getting me upset and I didn't want to be. I phoned Kate for a chat to take my mind off what I was thinking about

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