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May 6, 2022 11:20 am  #2171

Re: Movie night

William's POV:

As we go to the car, my heart is still pounding hard and fast, I am still not used to Anna wiping my tears in public, first, when we break the hug, I wasn't aware the doctor was behind me, Anna corresponded when I kissed and wiped her tears, she lovingly took care of my tears with her thumbs and clears the streaks with the back of her fingers, when I turn around I see the doctor by the door. Then, when I wiped the doctor's tears, Anna kissed a tear from my cheek, swiping the palm of her hands across my cheeks, clearing the fresh tears that had just started streaking my cheeks.

I open the door for her and, as I get in the driver seat I get back to reality. I place my right hand on Anna's thigh and ask her if she wants to eat, she chooses McDonald's, I drive there, have some junk food for the first time in a long time, I finish with an apple pie and coffee, getting milk shakes to go, and I drive happy home.

I guess this overwhelming happiness is making me sexually more active as, feeling Anna's thigh jiggling as I drive brings a desire in me to get her naked and give her a slowly built orgasm she will never forget. As I feel a tent growing stronger as we get closer to home, I take Anna's left hand and place it on my tent as I ask: "Would you like to celebrate the news in private, in our room? I have an idea you might like, of course, if you're feeling ok". I smile.


May 6, 2022 9:36 pm  #2172

Re: Movie night

Jarrod says he feels fine and takes me to bed. He says he'll be gentle. His hips and quads softly makeing contact with me make my thighs immediately begin to jiggle in his hands. I'm not sure if it was the alcohol or the emotions, but it wasn't long before we both reach the point of no return. Shortly thereafter, still exhausted from jet lag we both fall asleep entwined in each other.

The next morning I'm up almost as early as Jarrod. Since I couldn't seem to fall back to sleep I decided to just lie there while he goes to do his exercises. He gets back around 8am. I finally get up. We shower together, get ready and head down to breakfast. After breakfast we decide to skip getting a rental car until tomorrow as Jarrod says he saw a sign for a  hop on, hop off and walking tour. We quickly head back to our room to change and head out.

One stop on the tour was the Guinness Storehouse. Jarrod decides to indulge himself and drink a Guinness. Rarely ever drinking I follow suit and also have a Guinness. I figure when would I have this opportunity again. We then make a stop at the Jameson Whiskey distillery. Again he decides to indulge himself and he has a Whisky this time. Again following suit, I also have one. By now I'm beginning to feel a little buzz, but I decide to finish the tour wondering where it will take us next.

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May 6, 2022 9:53 pm  #2173

Re: Movie night

Anna's pov:

William happily obliges my cravings and we head to McDonald's for some fast food; not our usual choice in cuisine but he says he'll do anything for me and our baby. He drives home happier than I've seen him in quite a while.

William places his right hand on my thigh as he begins driving home. I know how much he likes to feel my thighs jiggle as he drives. I look over at him and can't help but notice the strong tent that had formed in his pants. He then surprises my by grabbing my left hand and placing it on his tent. I begin slowly teasing him by rubbing my hand over his tent through his pants as he asks me if I would like to celebrate our good news privately when we get home. He entices me further saying he has an idea I might like, but refuses to explain any further. He then asks if I'm feeling up to it. I can tell he is.

I don't know if its the pregnancy hormones or not, but ever since I got pregnant (these past two weeks) I've been extra horney and it takes very little to turn me on. The slightest tough will send my hormones through the roof. I give William a sly smile and slide my hand just under his pants and underwear and begin rubbing his groin when I tell him I'm begging to feel much better. Just like my last pregnancy I seem to get nauseous/morning sickness when I go too long in between times I eat.

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May 6, 2022 10:11 pm  #2174

Re: Movie night

After walking and hopping on and off the bus, getting to know Dublin and going to the main beer and spirits distilleries, we call it a day and go back to the hotel, both falling asleep almost as soon as we hit the bed. The last memory of that evening is feeling Camilla's strong, worked out thighs, relaxed in my hands.

Next day we rent a car and head towards Kilkenny, a pretty town 110km from Dublin. We go to the Dunmore caves and see the limestone formations, after spending a while in expedition there, we head to Sullivan's brewery, a famous pub on Parliament Street and drink the specialty, a Smithwick. After the alcohol, we call it a day, and instead of going back to Dublin, we stay at Pembroke, just behind Kilkenny's Castle. I give a heads up to Camilla: "Get ready for the beach tomorrow, we're going to Cork". I say with a smile, picturing Camilla looking stunning with a pair of shorts.


May 7, 2022 6:38 am  #2175

Re: Movie night

Sadie's POV

My morning post brought me not only a piece of wedding cake from Jarrod and Camilla but also another letter from Robyn

I sat on my couch stroking my booted legs eating my cake and reading my pen pal's letter. As I got to the part where she mentioned her break up and her mugging on the very same subway where she had completed her Ultimate Ride with her best friend Susan, tears ran down my cheeks

I wanted to give her a hug so badly, but she said she was fine and coping and her upcoming exams was helping her focus

I wiped away my tears and played with my boot zips as I finished the letter and read a text from Liz who said her meeting with our head chef Dean had concluded and she would be round shortly

She had been the owner of the juice bar for two months and things were still going well. She had made a couple of changes so far, but just cosmetic ones. We had got some new sauce bottles, salt and pepper pots and we had rejigged the cake display and trialed some new additions to the shelf

She hadn't been kidding when she said she wanted to be involved. Having not seen her in a working environment before I was very impressed. She certainly wasn't work shy, even donning a set of overalls and helping Alicia clean the kitchen every week so we'd pass our health inspection, without having to run around like maniacs. And she'd help Dean put the stores away and inspect the fridges so that she knew what was going on

The rest of the girls liked this. Even more so when Liz committed herself to work a shift a week on the floor serving customers. It must have been such a wrench for her colleagues at her hotel to let her go

I got up and checked my face for any drying tear streaks and once they were dealt with, I sat down to write a reply to Robyn

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May 7, 2022 7:03 am  #2176

Re: Movie night

Billie's POV

Me and Gemma were lying on the floor of the spare room. We'd completed cleaning it ready for Robyn and we were just having a rest

'We always seem to do this' Gemma giggled. I tenderly wiped a tear that had welled from one of her eyes and kissed her on the lips

'Shall we continue the tradition and get a pizza' I said

Gemma got up from the floor and got the menu for us both.

'When is your sister's plane' she asked

'8:23' I called back. We chose our pizzas and waited for them to arrive

The next morning we were up bright and  early ready to meet Robyn at the airport. We drove over in Gemma's car and made our way to arrivals. As soon as my sister came through tears flooded my eyes and we hugged as tears streamed down my face.

Robyn was crying too and after we wiped our tears away, I introduced my sister to Gemma.

'It's lovely to meet you' Gemma said giving her a hug, tears running down her cheeks.

We drove back to the house and I proudly showed Robyn the spare room

'I decorated it myself' I informed my sister

'I thought you did' Robyn said with a smile as she took her boots off 'It's very much your style'

She took her jumper off and for the first time I saw her scar from her mugging and my eyes filled again

'I'm sorry you had to go through your mugging and your break up without me' I sobbed tears streaming down my face 'I should have been there for you, and I wasn't.'

'Bill, don't beat yourself up about it please' Robyn begged, as tears ran down her cheeks. 'I had my friends, I got through it and passed my exams. I considered that a victory'

I wiped my tears and asked if she was dating anyone just yet.

'A friend tried to set me up with someone' Robyn said 'A girl in my class called Marie. She was really pretty actually' Another tear ran down her right cheek 'But no there isn't anyone'

Gemma called and said lunch was ready so Robyn wiped her tears and we went to have lunch

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May 7, 2022 3:56 pm  #2177

Re: Movie night

We visited a few more beer and spirits distilleries before calling it a day. By this point I was definitely beginning to feel the effects of the alcohol and I can certain say I was more than a little buzzed. I could feel myself getting a bit lightheaded and dizzy and my stomach was finally beginning to do flips; but despite all this I was having a wonderful time. We finally make it back to the hotel and I barely make it to the bed before intertwining myself with Jarrod and falling asleep.

Feeling much better in the morning we decide to finally rent our car. We then head towards Kilkenny, Jarrod volunteering to drive. We spend the morning exploring the Dunmore caves and the limestone formations. We then head to  Sullivan's brewery to enjoy a Smithwick before grabbing a quick bite. I tell Jarrod the alcohol was already beginning to have an effect on me as I guess the alcohol from the previous day wasn't completely out of my system, so we decide to call it a day.

I'm surprised when Jarrod tells me he didn't intend to drive back to Dublin this evening but instead stay at Pembroke, just behind Kilkenny's Castle. I always love when he surprises me like this. He then surprises me further saying he planned on taking me to the beach in Cork the next day so we can have a rest day.

"I can't wait! But I forgot to pack a bathing suit seeing as how you said this trip was supposed to be a bit cooler." I said wondering if it'd even be warm enough to really need it.

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May 8, 2022 6:30 am  #2178

Re: Movie night

William's POV:

Anna teases me rubbing my tent, I wish I was feeling her bare thighs instead of the fabric. I see her flush, she is as turned on as I am. I hit the gas to get home faster. As soon as I arrive, Anna starts undressing me in the living room with such urge that I comply, she doesn't even give me the chance to undress her when she strips herself completely nude. 

Seeing the urgency I guide her to the sofa and lay her there, starting with light caresses on her breasts and abs as I kiss her lips then her neck. She decides to skip foreplay and adjusts herself so I become one with her right away. I don't complain and start slowly, almost afraid, thrusting, feeling my hips lightly meeting her core and inner thighs, she quickly grabs my hands and brings them to her inner thighs as she begins to thrust her hips, meeting me now in contrary motion, making her thighs jiggle in my hands, which I softly squeeze every now and then.

Anna becomes quicker, thrusting harder, breathing faster, strongly grasping the back of my thighs. I can't resist anymore, heaven is meeting earth, my abs tremble violently, my thighs involuntarily jiggle strong in Anna's hands as I watch almost in slow motion, Anna's whole body explode in an extremely strong orgasm, her calves jiggling like jello against my thighs, her thighs also shaking in my hands, her abs bouncing and her breasts also turn me on as they bounce.

I feel her precious liquid washing me as I, surprisingly, see tears flowing from her eyes, I lean, not removing my hands from her perfect, jiggling thighs, and kiss her tears, giving her a smile as I also fill her. We both lay spent, I place her head on my chest, so her tears start to make a small pond in my pecs. I start to wipe them, feeling Anna's hot tears on my fingers until her breathing gets back to normal and her tears subside.

"Never forget I'll always be by your side whenever you need to have your tears wiped, I love you. Come, closer to me" I pull her thigh to my abs and we both drifting to sleep, indulging in each others body before finally drifting off.


May 8, 2022 6:44 am  #2179

Re: Movie night

Natalie's POV

'Alicia, what's wrong' I said concerned about my cousin-in-law

'I'm fine Natalie, can we just leave it' she replied. It didn't take long though for her eyes to fill with tears. She sat down on the nearest bench and started to sob

'I came out to Leo last night' she said wiping her tears. 'He didn't take it very well. Plus he's been moaning about Liz for weeks, says she's micro-managing us.'

My heart went out to her. If travelling to the West Coast, changing her college and leaving her friends didn't show her boyfriend how committed she was to her relationship then nothing would. As for Liz micro-managing this simply wasn't true.

She hadn't changed much about the juice bar, clearly deciding not to alter what was already successful, but she had made a few changes. And we were seeing more of her than Jan, but this was the point. Part of the reason Adrian was allowed to get away with doing chuff all for months was because Jan didn't know what was going on

'You should come out with me and Emma one night' I said to her.

'You mean to a gay bar?' Alicia asked tears running down her cheeks. 'I couldn't, Leo would break up with me'

'Or alternatively' I replied as a tear streamed down the right hand side of my face 'It might remind him of what he would miss if he did.'

Alicia wiped her tears and told me she'd think about it

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May 8, 2022 2:08 pm  #2180

Re: Movie night

Anna's pov:

As soon as we got home I could barely wait until we get into the house. I start undressing William in the living room barely even leaving time for him to close the door. I strip him, then myself; throwing our clothes in a heap on the floor.

I guess William wanted it as bad as I, as instead of making it to our room he decided to just lay me down on the couch. Once there he started caressing my breasts and a abs while kissing my lips then moving down to my neck. I was already so turned on from the car ride I move a bit helping him enter me completely skipping the foreplay. He didn't seem to mind as he immediately started slowly thrusting. His hips were lightly clashing against my core and inner thighs. With that I quickly grabbed his hands and placed them on my inner thighs. I wasn't sure why he was taking it so slow as I could see the look of lust and desire in his eyes. I start thrusting my hips, faster and faster. My thighs begin jiggleing in his hands and I can feel him squeezing them every now and then.

I can feel myself reaching the point of no return. I try to hold off for just a bit longer. I continue thrusting harder and faster. I can feel my breathing increase. I grab the back of William's thighs. With that I can feel his abs trembling violently, his thighs strongly jiggling. That was too much for my body and I finally explode. I scream William's name as my calves jiggle, my thighs shake my abs and breasts bounce.

I then finally bathe him in my liquid. I am so happy I can't help but let tears flow from my eyes. William leans closer and kisses my tears as he finally begins to fill me up. Still catching our breath he lays my head on his chest. My tears begin landing on his pecs. He lovingly starts to wipe them away with the backs of his fingers. After a min my tears start slowing and my breathing begins to decrease.

William then reminds me he'll alway be by my side to wipe my tears. Then he pulls me closer, my thigh on his abs before we finally drift off.

The next morning I awoke before William. I had to go back to work but couldn't stop thinking about how I was going to tell my boss I was pregnant again and needed to modify my work schedule being a physical therapist and all.

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