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May 12, 2022 6:37 am  #2211

Re: Movie night

Enid's POV

Despite his failure to find a girlfriend for Robyn (I'd described it as a successful failure as her and Marie were becoming fast friends, regularly having lunch together and playing air hockey), Tristan wasn't giving up and wanted to find a partner for my new roommate Mirabel

I was able to subtly find out that she was only into boys and told Tristan this

'Good luck' Mirabel said with a smile. 'I'm not as beautiful as your friend Robyn'

This was debatable to be honest. It's true she didn't have long hair or a passion for wearing knee high boots like Robyn but she was reasonably pretty

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May 12, 2022 9:27 pm  #2212

Re: Movie night

As soon as we finish breakfast we get in the car and start our long journey towards Glengarrif, Jartod volunterring to drive. We end up taking a detour in Baltimore to stretch our legs after having been onthe road for about five hrs. We have a nice walk hand in hand, surrounded by oaks by the river. We walk around quietly  for about an hr. It is so peaceful we don't feel the need to chat. We just enjoy the surroundings and each other's company. I've always loved being out in nature. We realize we still have quite a drive ahead of us so we cut our walk short and head back to the car.

This time I drive. We drive for about another two hrs before we make another stop. This time in Crookhaven. Again we decide to stretch our legs. We arrive just as the sun is going down. We find a nice grassy spot to sit and enjoy the sunset. As I watch the beautiful colors of the Irish sky, I feel Jarrod place his hands on my thighs. Before I know it I am getting a full thigh and calf massage. I am getting lost in every sensation. I can never get enough of his strong hands sliding from my thighs to my calves and back.

After a few moments Jarrod tells me he hopes my legs feel better then he pats my thighs indicating we should get up and head back to the car to finish our journey. I reluctantly agree, instantly missing the feeling of his warm hands on my cool skin. We finally get into the car, Jarrod driving and head off to Glengarrif. We finally arrive at the Beechwood House Bed and Breakfast around 9. I was tired yet hungry so I asked Jarrod if he wanted to find a late night joint for a quick bite.

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May 12, 2022 9:39 pm  #2213

Re: Movie night

Anna's pov:

William slowly releases his hold on me just enough to get a better look at my face. As soon as he sees the tears he leans in and kisses a single tear from the outer corner of my left eye then it's streak as it runs down my left cheek. He then takes his left hand and delicately wipes my right cheek also clearing it of my tears and their streaks.

He then tells me he's got me and I can fully trust him. With my feelings, tears and everything that may come along. He then leans in and places a delicate, loving kiss on my forehead. With that loving gesture I can feel more tears about to spill over.

"It's just that..." I begin taking a deep breath "I'm afraid to love this baby." I continue squeezing my eyes closed. That only sends a torrent of new, thick, hot tears down the same paths as the previous ones. "I don't want to get my heart broken again if I love this baby and then have another miscarriage. I don't think my heart could take it." I say quickly finally placing my head back on his chest, still wet from my previous tears.

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May 13, 2022 4:18 am  #2214

Re: Movie night

Leanne's POV

I gently kissed my girlfriend on the lips and we walked to the restaurant where we were going to have dinner

Robyn was doing well, she'd met a new friend becoming close with Marie a French girl in her year

'I'm glad' I replied at hearing the news. 'She's going to lose me at the end of this year, after all' Tears ran down my cheeks at the thought and Kimberly linked her hands in mine

'I've been thinking of moving coffee shops' she said. 'Tristan is leaving to set up his own and I would like to go with him'

'You should' I urged after I had wiped my tears. 'Do something that makes you happy'

'I wish we'd met earlier' Kimberly sighed. 'It's really hard snatching time together'

Tears ran down my cheeks again, but I wiped them away, kissed my girlfriend on the lips and said

'I wish we had too'

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May 13, 2022 4:22 pm  #2215

Re: Movie night

Rachel's POV

'Hey Rach' Samantha whispered warmly as she and Damian sat next to me and Kate at Amanda's funeral. Her eyes were full of tears, and one welled over her eye and sat bulbous and strong under her right eye refusing to fall

I turned to look across at Sophie and Emily. Sophie's eyes were full of tears and Emily was biting her lip to suppress the tears from streaming down her face

As for Kate she squeezed my hand as we stood up as Amanda's coffin was brought in. A tear escaped one of her eyes running down her left cheek

The service began and it was very moving and more than a little wrenching even for me. I didn't know Amanda personally but the fact she died in such a shocking way was very sobering. I didn't want to look at Samantha or Kate or Sophie and Emily in the opposite aisle as I thought they would want to cry in peace, however I did out of the corner of my eye register tears streaming down Kate and Samantha's faces

At the subsequent wake Sophie arrived minus Emily. She had gone home after finding the funeral too much for her. Amanda's cousin was drinking a little too much and at one point argued drunkenly with one of the guests

Once everything had calmed down, Amanda's mother asked us if we wanted to select something from Amanda's wardrobe to take home. Sophie politely declined so me, Kate and Samantha went up to choose.

'I'll take these for Kirsty' Samantha said, tears running down her cheeks as she picked up Amanda's knee high boots. 'She always liked these'

Kate chose a dark green long sleeved top and I chose a white jumper. We all thanked Amanda's mother and quietly left

'Thanks for coming' Kate said to me outside her house. 'It means a lot' I took her hands in mine as both our eyes filled with tears. It had been an emotional day

'The funeral wasn't the time or the place to say this' I said 'But your Aunt Gemma paid my entry fee for the Transit Race championship. I can do it after all'

'Congratulations' Kate said warmly, tears running down her cheeks. She wrapped her arms around my neck and tenderly played with my hair. My own tears started to stream down my face. We broke apart the hug and wiped each others tears, passionately kissing before we parted

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May 13, 2022 10:14 pm  #2216

Re: Movie night

Tristan's POV:

With my heart still pounding fast and trying to hide the tent that, even against my will, formed in my pants, I take Enid's hand and get up, the lights are coming on and the movie ends. I still have images in my mind of two beautiful girls crying, one on screen, huge tears and thick, giant streaks and another, breathtaking beautiful and loving, with hot, huge tears, sexy shaking abs and shoulders, stunning full lips and the most perfect legs, sitting at my side, kissing and hugging me.

We get up and go back to her dorm, I give her a passionate kiss as I caress her hair and slide my hands over her worked out back muscles. I ask her if she is feeling the same sexual spark I am, hinting if she would like to become one with me, either here or at my place...


May 13, 2022 10:31 pm  #2217

Re: Movie night

As soon as we arrive to the hotel, Camilla says she is hungry, since there is nothing at the hotel, I take her to Casey's Bar and Restaurant, barely a mile from where we'll stay I order a fresh, smoked salmon, a glass of gin and cheesecake for dessert.

After having dinner, we walk back to our hotel and get into the room: "Camilla are you tired?"


May 13, 2022 11:20 pm  #2218

Re: Movie night

William's POV:

Anna, with a sweet breaking, hiccupy voice, tells me she is afraid to love the baby and lose it again, then a new stream of tears rush down her beautiful face, highlighting the now dry streaks, following the same paths.
She places her head back on my chest. I hug her tight, feeling her lashes as she blinks, sending a torrent of tears that transfer to my chest.

I feel her hot tears on my chest as I tell her: "Anna (I use her name, as I want her to listen attentive), I don't know how or why, but babies feel the feelings of others, especially parents, if you don't love the baby now, more than probably mental problems will arise." I break the hug and take her wet chin, lifting it enough for her to look at me: "And let me tell you one thing, if we lose this baby, what happened last time won't happen again, I have changed, you have changed, be sure that instead of disappearing and evading the situation I will stay and take care of you, I will lovingly hold you as you sob every sad tear, kiss and wipe your tears, hoping to wipe the sadness and change the bitterness into love with my kisses. And if I break down, I won't hide from you, I am sure I can rely on you to hold me, allow me to cry in your arms, I'm sure now you will take care of my tears instead of thinking I am not masculine."

I kiss a couple of tears from her cheeks, slowly brushing her tear streaks with the back of my fingers from below her eyes to her chin, smiling at her: "Besides, now that we know how to better take care of a pregnancy, let's do all in our hands, you know, don't stress, don't worry, don't work too hard, eat well, sleep well, don't skip obgyn appointments. I will give you all my love, support, I'll even pray for you and the baby, I know God will help us get through this with favorable results". I feel her no longer sobbing, I caress her abs, then lovingly wipe and kiss the remaining tears until they subside.

After a final wipe with my finger pads across her cheeks (from the inner corners to the outer corners) I tell her: "My love, you're as good as new, no one can tell you just cried a bucket of tears." I kiss her eyes and give her a quick hug. She smiles and gets ready to go to work.


May 14, 2022 4:18 am  #2219

Re: Movie night

We stop for a bite at Casey's Bar and Restaurant since it is the closest restaurant to our hotel. I decide on the chicken supreme. I skip having a drink as I really want to fully enjoy this evening unhindered. After dinner we take a leisurely walk back to our hotel enjoying the cool air.

As soon as we get into our room Jarrod asks me if I'm tired.

"Just a bit, its been a long day; but maybe you can convince me to stay up a bit." I begin removing my shirt and sitting down on our bed in just a bra. "My shoulders seem to be a bit tense from all our sitting today would you mind helping me?" I finish in a rather sultry tone.

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May 14, 2022 4:48 am  #2220

Re: Movie night

Anna's pov:

William tells me matter of factly that if I don't swallow my feelings and love our baby right from the start our baby will as sure as grow up with problems. He then breaks the hug, lifting my chin so he can talk to me as I look at him. I've never seen him so serious. I guess he was a little nervous too. Then he lovingly tells me that even if on the horrible odd chance we loose this baby too, he has changed and won't evade the situation nor disappear but instead stay and take care of me like he should have done last time. He will hold me, kiss and wipe every sad tear I shed and won't hide if he needs to break down too as he now knows I won't think of him as not masculine rather I will hold him with open arms and comfort him and take care of his tears as he cries.

William then leans in and kisses a couple tears from my cheeks while brushing their streaks with the backs of his fingers from just below my eyes to my chin. Then he adds that he feels more confident this time because after last time we now know more how to take care of a pregnancy. He tells me he's going to do all in his hands to ensure a perfect pregnancy and he hopes I will too. Like I shouldn't stress, worry or work too hard. I should eat well, sleep well and never miss any obgyn appointments. He will also give me all of his unconditional love and support as well as pray for the baby and I to get through this pregnancy unscathed. With those loving words I can finally feel my anxiety slowly reducing and my sobs slowing.  I then feel him lovingly caressing my abs which reduces my anxiety even further. He then delicately wipes and kisses the last of my tears until they finally stop.

With one final wipe of the pads of William's fingers from the inner corners to the outer corners of my cheeks he says that he thinks I look as good as new and that he doesn't think anyone will be able to tell I sobbed a torrent of tears. He gives my eyes one last kiss, then leans in for a hug. I smile as we break the hug; then he pats my thigh indicating it's time for me to get up and get ready for work.

I look in the hall mirror with my pajamas still on. First from the front then from the side. Obviously I'm not showing yet, but just this act made me smile knowing there was a small life starting out in there. I then take off my shirt and do the same thing this time picturing what I'll look like when I do start to show. I can't help but get a bit more excited. After about a min I remember I still need to get ready for work so I quickly head upstairs to pick an outfit.

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