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June 28, 2022 4:10 am  #2361

Re: Movie night

Jarrod is more than happy to continue our wonderful evening by taking my hand and leading me to Fitzpatrick's bar. He says he's heard good things about both the food as well as the drinks.

We quickly sit and while I look over the menu Jarrod orders a couple pints of traditional Irish ale. As I'm overlooking the menu I let out a tiny startled gasp as I feel him brushing his strong shin against my left calf. I can't help but feel my cheeks getting warm (with a blush) as I give him a side look. I can feel him jiggling my calf with his shin for a couple sec before letting it go and jiggle itself back into place.

Jarrod then turns his leg slightly so his calf meets mine just as the waiter arrives to take our order. He orders the fish and chips while I order the seafood pasta deciding to share. I then place my hand on his upper thigh just as the waiter turns to leave our table. I then begin teasing him by running my hand from his upper thigh to his knee and back before moving my hand slightly and running it this time along his inner thigh, from just below the hem of his shorts to his knee and back.


June 28, 2022 4:49 am  #2362

Re: Movie night

I am still recovering from feeling her sensual calf hitting my shin as it jiggles back to its place when I feel Camilla’s warm hand on my upper thigh, her warmth seeping through the fabric of my shorts. She runs her hand from my upper thigh to the hem of my shorts, continuing all the way down to my knee.

She is not discreet at all, considering that there is no privacy under these tables (there are no coverings, so all is visible). I give a quick glance and notice we are being checked out, especially me, I feel three pairs of eyes, three native, quite attractive girls, a red haired wearing sleeveless and short shorts, a blonde with freckles wearing a light jacket and a miniskirt and a pale brunette wearing leather jacket and jeans, their eyes on my strong abs and, when Camilla starts caressing me, on my legs.

Camilla switches from my knee to the inside, teasingly sliding her hand from my knee to the hem of my shorts, daringly pushing my shorts as far as she can, reaching my inner thigh at the upper part. I use all my willpower not to explode there, feeling her silky calf as she caresses my inner thigh (which she knows is my weak spot) make my thigh involuntarily jiggle in her hand (in part because of the effort to not explode and in part for the strong emotion I feel for her and her loving, teasing caresses.

I blush and give a quick glance at the girls who were (still are) watching me. I have always been self conscious about my thighs, that’s (in part) why I have been spending around 10 years to build the perfect legs I have, and these strange girls are watching my thigh jiggle like jello in Camilla’s soft hand.

I instinctively grasp Camilla’s relaxed upper thigh, jiggling it strongly on purpose, as if trying to minimize the jiggle of my thigh. Since I don’t want her to stop caressing it, I limit myself to try to tense my thigh muscles (unsuccessfully at first) and enjoy her soft, yet firm muscles as they strongly jiggle in my hand.

I see the girls blush and talk between them, their eyes fixed on our hands and legs…


June 28, 2022 5:10 am  #2363

Re: Movie night

I notice Jarrod blush as I slide my hand on the inside of his thigh. I then notice he is looking around the room. Curioud, I turn my focus to look at what he sees. Out the corner of my eye I notice three rather attractive girls staring at us.

I let out a small gasp as I feel Jarrod grab my upper thigh and begin to strongly jiggle it. I sure hope no-one heard me I think to myself as I continue to look at the three girls out the corner of my eye. I notice they are now talking amongst themselves while blushing. After a few sec I notice their eyes are fixed on our hands and legs.

I turn my gaze back toward Jarrod, lean in and whisper in his ear "I think it'll be some time still until our food arrives. Care to move this into the bathroom? I don't know about you but I'm so turned on I could sure use a quickie before I wet my shorts."

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June 28, 2022 5:35 am  #2364

Re: Movie night

I notice Camilla looks at the girls who are staring at us, then leans and whispers in my ear that the food will take a few more minutes and asks me if we can finish in the bathroom what we ignited a couple of minutes ago suggesting we have a quickie before she explodes in her shorts.

I give a firm pat on her upper quads, waiting a brief moment in order for it to stop jiggling in my hand (I love that feeling), stand up (her hand sliding from my thigh down my calf), offer my hand and walk towards the bathroom. We notice the girls eyes on my extremely toned and firm thighs and calves.

As soon as we lock the bathroom door…


June 28, 2022 8:46 am  #2365

Re: Movie night

Rachel's POV

'Not long now' I texted Kate as tears ran down my cheeks. It had been a very successful month and I was much happier now I had done Seoul and Tokyo without any issues. I had only a 15 hour flight home before I would be reunited with the love of my life

I wiped away my tears and put my phone away after I had read my girlfriend's reply and got on my plane

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June 28, 2022 9:38 pm  #2366

Re: Movie night

I gather Jarrod likes my suggestion as he gives me a last firm pat on my upper quads, then stands up and offers me his hand to walk towards the bathroom. I notice the girls are still watching us as we both slip into the bathroom and lock the door.

As soon as we lock the door I unzip Jarrod's pants and pull mine down slightly. Just enough he can enter. I stand up facing the sink with my hands firmly planted, him behind me. He grabs my hips firmly with both hands, my already wet parts throbbing with anticipation and excitement.

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June 29, 2022 2:40 pm  #2367

Re: Movie night

Caitlin's POV

I was still feeling emotional when I got home. Kate had seen me crying on the steps and she had started crying too.

My love for Robyn and the fact I was separated from her by distance had been so overwhelming I couldn't stop the tears from streaming down my face.

I hadn't been untruthful when I said I wanted to marry Robyn, I did. Living without her was too painful

After wiping yet another round of tears that had run down my cheeks as well as my boots on the mat, I went up to my bedroom and started to do the necessary research

Security will run you down hard
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July 1, 2022 5:45 pm  #2368

Re: Movie night

Robyn's POV

I was travelling to the commissary for an evening meal after a day at the library

Now I didn't have anything to think about for the rest of the day, my mind switched to my girlfriend Caitlin back in England.

I sat on my favourite bench in the grounds, tears running down my cheeks. Every day I missed her, but luckily summer was coming up and I would be able to spend a lot of time with her

'Rob' I looked up and wiped my tears to see Susan looking at me. She was in a nice skirt and top, clearly going out somewhere

'I'm okay Susan' I told her. 'You go on your date' My roommate wiped away her tears that were streaming down her face and returned to a boy on the path

I got up and went to the commissary and saw Marie having some dinner. She gave me a wave and I smiled back. Once I had collected my food I went to sit next to her

She asked me what was wrong and I poured out my problems to her tears running down my cheeks again. She listened very sympathetically to my plight, her own eyes filling with tears

'I have just the thing to take your mind off Caitlin for a bit longer' she told me wiping her eyes. Intrigued I followed her to her dorm building and she pulled out the game Mousetrap

I couldn't resist grinning like a Cheshire cat and we opened the box and started to set up

Security will run you down hard
And I will lead them on a merry chase

July 1, 2022 6:09 pm  #2369

Re: Movie night

Camilla unzips my shorts and pulls hers down, only enough so that I have access to her. She gives her back to me, facing the sink as she plants her hands firmly. I grab her hips firmly, sliding my right hand up to her abs, caressing them firmly, my fingers sinking in her muscles, sliding my left hand down to her thigh, lifting it so I have better access, feeling my finger pads sinking in her soft inner thigh.

I hear Camilla moan rather loudly, which encourages me to become one with her. As I thrust strong and swiftly, I see (in the mirror) her gorgeous breasts bouncing, feel her abs tensing a bit as it trembles with each thrust and her inner thigh jiggles with such force my hands bounce on her thighs turning me on so much I can barely contain my seed. I feel Camilla tensing, about to reach the point of no return, I slide my hand in her abs to her core, stimulating at the same time I'm thrusting, her whole body trembling as she loudly explodes, bathing me in her life bearing juices, feeling her thighs jiggle against my firm, strong thighs (hard as rock as I am supporting my weight on them) as the rest of her body also trembles, brings me to the point of no return.

I groan, trying not to make too much noise, filling her with my life giving seed (could I have gotten her pregnant as I shoot from a different angle?). She dissolves in my arms, her whole body relaxing, I catch her thighs with one hand and her abs with the other as I lay her against me. I kiss her neck, raise her shorts, raise mine and don't lose the opportunity to caress her silky, toned thighs.

We quickly catch our breaths and go back to the table, the waiter is arriving with our food at that moment. We sit and notice the girls have a face of awe, I'm sure our sweat betrays us, so they know we just indulged in each other. As soon as we sit I sip a drink of ale and Camilla takes a bite at her seafood. Seeing her beautiful face I can't resist dropping my hand on her upper thigh, feeling it jiggle in a very sexy way. I slide my hand to her inner thigh, giving it a soft squeeze. I feel an overstimulation of my senses, a good ale, a perfect thigh, the love of my life next to me.

I interrupt eating and turn to Camilla: "I would ask you to marry me if we were not already married, I love you more than anything".


July 2, 2022 2:57 am  #2370

Re: Movie night

I let out an involuntary moan as Jarrod slides his left hand down to my thigh and lifts my leg. As soon as he has the perfect angle he slips between my legs and begins to thrust. My breasts start bouncing, my abs tense and tremble beyond my control with each forceful thrust. My inner thigh jiggles and I feel his hand bounce strongly off my thighs. I can hardly contain myself from reaching the point of no return, that's when I feel him slide the hand he had on my abs down to my core and I almost immediately explode. I bathe his member as he is still trusting strongly inside me. I can't help my thighs from jiggling against his thighs. That's when I felt him reach the point of no return.

I can hear Jarrod groaning as he fills me up. That's when my worn out body finally starts to relax. I feel him catch my thighs with one hand and my abs with his other as he lays me against him for support. He then sends a shiver down my spine as he begins to kiss my neck. He then raises my shorts and caresses my now tired thighs one last time.

After a quick min catching our breaths, we finally go back to our table just as the food is arriving. I can't help but notice the girls from before seem to notice what we were up to before I turn my focus to my meal. As I am starting to enjoy my meal I feel Jarrod drop his  hand on my upper thigh, then slide it to my inner thigh and give it a soft squeeze.

That's when Jarrod turned to me, looked me lovingly in my eyes and told me if we weren't already married he'd ask me to marry him right here and now as he is so in love with me.

I blush slightly, caught off guard then I slowly say "I'm so in love with you I'd marry you 1,000x if only we could. Every day would be the most magical day of my life. You have no idea how long I've loved you even before we got together. I was just afraid of ruining our friendship, but becoming your girlfriend and now wife was the best decision of my life."

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