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July 3, 2022 10:40 pm  #2381

Re: Movie night

Camilla decides to order two more rounds of drinks before really calling it a night. Surprisingly, she is not as drunk as the previous times, she stumbles a couple of times, but that’s about it.

As soon as we get back in the room, we throw the clothes and get to sleep. Next morning I wake up early, even though a bit tired, I do my morning routine, prepare everything, set Camilla’s last pair of shorts, a t-shirt and a light jacket. I wake her up with a kiss on her lips as I lean on her beautiful, sexy, soft thigh.

After a nice, fulfilling breakfast in the hotel, we head out to Clifden. On our way, before arriving at Kylemore Abbey, we deviate to the Rinvyle Peninsula, a tongue of barren and wild land that separates Leenane from Letterfrack.

We visit the abbey, a neo-Gothic church overlooking the shore of a lake, then head to the village of Cong. Admire the Connemara ponies, finally reaching the capital of Connemara, the capital of Clifden.

After spending the afternoon knowing the capital, we go to the Connemara national park, ending our wonderful day there, we spend the night in Sharamore House.


July 4, 2022 1:26 am  #2382

Re: Movie night

Melissa's pov:

As soon as I was out of the shower and properly dressed we decided to eat at the Japanese restaurant we passed earlier on our trip from the airport to the hotel.

Although a nice restaurant with good food we seemed to have gone at a rather busy time so we did have to shout a bit to hear each other over the other people dining there. After we ate, a bit tired we decided to just go back to our hotel for the night.

We both ordered a lemonade from room service when we got back into our room and decided to decide on what to do tomorrow. Enid seemed to be the thorough kind as she already did some research prior to our vacation and had a list of things we could potentially do. We decided it'd be fun to go to the Sao Paulo zoo tomorrow.

We then both changed and called it a night.

I was so excited about our trip to the zoo that I woke up early the next morning and couldn't get back to sleep. I was even up before Enid. I decided to turn on the TV on low and watch something until Enid woke up but quickly realizing the TV was completely in Portuguese. I shut it off and decided to go over our plans for the day as well as Enid's list again.

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July 4, 2022 2:03 am  #2383

Re: Movie night

I was so tired from our busy day yesterday, not to mention the couple drinks I decided to have, I didn't even notice when Jarrod got up early the next morning to do his usual exercises. I was woken up the next morning when I felt him leaning gently on my thigh and planting a delicate kiss on my lips. Upon awaking I noticed he had thoughtfully laid out my clothes for me; mast pair of khaki shorts, a light bluet-shirt and a light blue jacket.

I quickly got dressed and we headed out to a nice filling breakfast. We choose to eat in the hotel as we wanted to get an early start to our day. After we ate we headed out to Clifden. On our drive we stop at the Rinvyle Peninsula. We then visit Kylemore Abbey and then head to the village of Cong. finally reaching the Connemara, the capital of Clifden.

After a nice leisurely afternoon of exploring the capital we head to the Connemara national park to end our wonderful day. We then spend the night in  Sharamore House.

"I'm having such a wonderful time I hate that we only have four more perfect days left in Ireland." I began with a small sigh. "Although a bit tired, I'd love it if we could end our day by cuddling on the bed and renting a movie." I finished hoping Jarrod wasn't too tired.

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July 4, 2022 3:30 am  #2384

Re: Movie night

As soon as we sit in the small loveseat in the room, Camilla asks if we could cuddle as we watch a movie, I agree, we didn’t even change clothes and she looks extremely cute in the outfit she’s wearing, I agree. “What movie would you like to watch?”


July 4, 2022 4:23 am  #2385

Re: Movie night

I get comfortable on the love seat in our room never even changing our clothes as Jarrod mentions how cute I look in them. He then asks me what movie I'd prefer to watch.

"Well, I have a few in mind but we have to see what's available to watch." I begin resting my head on Jarrod's shoulder. "What kind of movie would you prefer? Would you like a comedy or would you like something more sad so you can wipe my tears?" I asked curious kind of hoping he'd pick the sad movie as I love the feeling of how delicately and lovingly he takes care of my tears.

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July 4, 2022 5:09 am  #2386

Re: Movie night

Camilla asks me what would I prefer, comedy or tearjerker. Knowing Camilla I hint she would choose the sad one, as she loves feeling when I wipe and kiss her tears. I choose the sad one. Camilla looks for it and starts playing it as she leans her head on my shoulder. I rest my hands on her legs, one on her sexy thighs and the other on her muscular calves as she has them on my lap, cuddling against me.

We watch the movie.


July 4, 2022 5:30 am  #2387

Re: Movie night

Tristan’s POV:

I approach the guy and in a very educated way tell him: “Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor‘s wife. I noticed the lust in your eyes and your body, please review your behavior and become a new man.”

I walk away from him, hoping he takes my word in a good way, also asking God forgiveness for my contained anger, hoping it doesn’t interfere with the message just conveyed.

I go home and study for my next course, art latte level 2.

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July 4, 2022 7:50 am  #2388

Re: Movie night

Enid's POV

I was awoken the next morning by the quiet whispers of a foreign language. Melissa had been so excited she had got up early.

We went over our plans for the day as the journey to the zoo was a little complicated with three steps to get there. After we had some breakfast we left the hotel to walk to our metro station at Avenue Paulista.

Once we entered Trianon-Masp Station we made our way down to the 2 line platform for a train to Villa Prudente. The first part of our journey was a change to the 1 line at Ana Rosa Station then another short hop to Conceiçao and finally a bus to the Zoo

We needed a drink afterwards so we bought a Coke each at the entrance shop and walked around looking at the various animals. We first took the Zoo Safari where we drove around in a special guided tour. Me and Melissa enthusiastically took pictures of the various animals for our respective Instagram feeds

After the safari was concluded Melissa wanted an ice cream so she went over to get one. While I was passing the time I looked over my own Instagram feed for new posts. I saw one couple travelling the US visiting a library in every state in my recommended and then I was pleased to notice that my former roommate Alicia had a new romantic partner.

Tears ran down my cheeks as I typed out a message for her. I didn't believe it when Leo broke up with her. And I was pleased she had found herself somebody new

Melissa came across and asked why I was crying. I explained that my former roommate Alicia (who had moved to the West Coast to be with her boyfriend Leo) was on holiday with her new partner after Leo had broken up with her

She asked if she could see the picture and I handed my phone over. As Melissa looked and realised that Alicia was now dating a girl her eyes filled with tears

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July 4, 2022 2:05 pm  #2389

Re: Movie night

Jarrod says he'd like me to like a sad movie, kind of hinting he knows that's what I wanted anyways. I looked through our movie choices and decided on The Notebook. It was a sad movie but not to sad. As I continue to rest my head on his shoulder i throw my legs across his, he then rests his hands on my legs., one on my thigh and one on my calf.

The movie begins...

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July 4, 2022 3:10 pm  #2390

Re: Movie night

Melissa's pov:

Not soon after Enid woke up. I hoped it wasn't the TV that woke her up. She seemed a little worried about our trip to the zoo, even though she looked it up extensively before our trip, as it was a little complicated with three steps to get there. We went over our plans one more time before dressing and leaving for breakfast.

After a quick breakfast we left the hotel to walk to our metro station at Avenue Paulista. Once we entered Trianon-Masp Station we made our way down to the 2 line platform for a train to Villa Prudente. The first part of our journey was a change to the 1 line at Ana Rosa Station then another short hop to Conceiçao and finally a bus to the Zoo.

It was a rather hot day so we each bought a coke as soon as we entered the zoo, then spent the afternoon enjoying the animals, taking a guided zoo safari first. I couldn't wait to post my pictures I was taking of the animals on my Instagram feed.

After the zoo safari my coke was long gone and the heat made me desire an ice cream so I asked Enid if she wanted none too as I was treating. She politely declined so I went to grab one while she stayed by the safari to check her Instagram feed. I guess she as as excited as I was as she wanted post the pictures of the animals she had taken while we were on the safari.

It was a really hot day so I wasn't surprised when I saw a long line for the ice cream. After what felt like forever I finally got my ice cream and headed back to where Enid was. As soon as I got back to Enid I saw thin tears running silently down her cheeks. I really didn't want to pry, but figured I should ask so her day wasn't ruined by whatever was upsetting her.

She explained she was crying because her former roommate, who had moved across country to be with her boyfriend, was now on vacation with her new partner since her boyfriend broke up with her she explained it was both happy and sad tears. Sad because she had been broken up with, but happy because she had found a new partner to make her happy.

I politely asked if I could see Enid's phone. She happily obliged. As soon as I saw her roommate my eyes instantly began to fill up with tears. I instantly realized she was dating a girl and was happy to share her news with the world. I wished Lisa and I could be that open one day without having to worry about what anyone would say.

I then felt a single tear escape my left eye and begin to run down my face. I quickly wiped it away with the palm of my right hand so End I wouldn't see. Not that I was ashamed of my tears, quite the opposite actually. I just didn't want Enid to ask any questions as I was a little afraid it might ruin our vacation as I wasn't exactly sure of her reaction.

I handed Enid her phone back before any more tears began to run down my face.

"She looks very happy." I began with a slight sigh. "Care to finish our trip around the zoo?" I asked Enid noticing her tears were finally starting to slow.

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