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July 31, 2022 4:29 am  #2621

Re: Movie night

My heart starts to race when Camilla says she always wanted a baby, especially with me, she adds that I thought it thoroughly before talking it with her. Her next words are mind-blowing and such a show of faith, trust, love and selflessness: "...we can continue having our intimate times and see what's God's will". Just knowing my loved Camilla is becoming so devout and faithful brings thick, burning tears down both of my cheeks in abundance, a stream of thick tears quickly washes my cheeks, leaving them completely wet in less than a minute.

I look at my reflection in Camilla's eyes, I can't identify individual tear streaks on my cheeks. As I look at Camilla, I simply say: "I love you".

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July 31, 2022 2:56 pm  #2622

Re: Movie night

As soon as I told Jarrod "we can continue having our intimate times and see what's God's will" I see thick tears streaming down both of his cheeks. Almost immediately his face was completely covered. He then looks lovingly in my eyes and says "I love you".

I wasn't exactly sure what made Jarrod so emotional as he rarely sheds this amount of tears and never this fast. I decided it best not to ask right now (maybe inquire later when he's calmer). I just enveloped him in a hug and let him burry his head in my neck. He lifted his head slightly for a moment to brush his tear soaked cheek against mine. After many of his still streaming tears transferred to my cheek he buried his head back into my neck soaking my neck and shoulder.

After a few moments I could finally feel Jarrod's tears beginning to slow so I lifted his head and looked lovingly into his eyes as a few stray tears were still crawling down his cheeks. I immediately brought both of my hands up to his cheeks and used the backs of my fingers to wipe his face clear of all of his tears and their streaks.

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August 1, 2022 1:10 am  #2623

Re: Movie night

As soon as Camilla sees me in tears she pulls me in a hug, I wish she had wiped my tears before hugging me. I can hear my tears splashing in Camilla’s neck as I can barely see through my tears. I lift my head from her neck slightly, hoping she kissed or wiped my tears, I brush my cheek against hers instead, taking the excess tears from my cheek.

Since Camilla still wasn’t taking care of my tears I decided to bury my face once more in the crook of her neck, wetting her neck and shoulder.

I felt like it lasted an eternity but in reality I cried for a little less than five minutes. When I feel the stream of tears slowing down, I lift my face once more, I can see an almost infinite and devout love in Camilla’s eyes. As I am lost in her eyes, I feel her relatively cool hands on both my hot cheeks, wiping my tears just the way I love, softly erasing my thick, burning tear streaks with the back of her fingers until she reaches the tears. I feel we have an almost perfect love for each other (perfect, only God) as I see Camilla take care of my tears with such love, dedication, devotion, care and I can sense she feels what I feel, and that is something that has never happened in my entire life. She softly brushes the back of her fingers a couple more times to take care of all my tear streaks and remaining tears until there is not a single wet spot on my face.

I give her my most sincere smile, caressing her hair and cheek with one hand as I bring my other hand to her thigh (why do I always get distracted when I feel her perfect legs jiggle in my hands), a couple of seconds later, I lean and give her the most loving kiss on her lips I am able to give her right now.

When we break the kiss I turn to William and Anna: “I didn’t think God would make her more devout and faithful (in matters of faith) in this trip. Even though we visited several temples, abbeys and other religious places, I never thought she would start to talk the way she’s doing, at least so soon.” I give her relaxed thigh a not so soft pat  (not too hard for it to hurt either), indulging in her wonderful, jiggly thigh, that I know belongs exclusively to me.


August 1, 2022 1:18 am  #2624

Re: Movie night

William’s POV:

With my hand still caressing Anna’s soft thigh, I see Jarrod breaking down in a sea of tears, but I notice something quite unusual, his breathing pattern is not as of one crying, he looks extremely calm, as if the tears were not his in a way, like someone else is crying through Jarrod’s face. To be honest, I have never seen Jarrod shed tears so thick and in such a quantity, not even when we were children.

I jiggle Anna’s inner and front thigh, trying not to get emotional again but when Jarrod says such sweet words describing Camilla, even in spite of holding the tears back, I feel thick, hot tears beginning to draw streaks on my cheeks. I blush when I feel more than three streaks on each cheek (even though this is how I usually cry I am not used to others seeing me cry, and I know Anna won’t judge, but I don’t know if Camilla will see my tears as too girly).

I hear myself sniffing louder than I wanted to, I turn to look at Anna.


August 1, 2022 3:21 am  #2625

Re: Movie night

After I finish wiping Jarrod's tears he smiles at me in a way I've never seen before. His smile seemed to light up the entire room with it's energy. He then brought his right hand to my hair caressing it then moving down to my cheek also caressing it. He then placed his left hand on my thigh then leaned in and gave me the most passionate and loving kiss of my life. It literally took my breath away in a way no other kiss ever has.

Jarrod then turned to William and Anna and explained his extreme expression of emotions just moments before. He said he didn't think this trip would make me more devout and religious even though we visited more than a few religious places. He was extremely happy/emotional that it did (and so soon). He then gave me a moderately hard slap on my thigh as he "can never get enough of the way it jiggles."

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August 1, 2022 3:32 am  #2626

Re: Movie night

Anna's pov:

As soon as I notice Jarrod has stopped crying I see him turn to William and I. He explained his extreme expression of emotion just moments before as he didn't want us to think he was upset in any way. He said he didn't think this trip would make Camilla more devout and religious even though they visited more than a few religious places. He was extremely happy/emotional that it did (and so soon). As he was explaining this to us I could feel William jiggling my inner and front thigh.

I looked at William as Jarrod finished talking and noticed despite his best efforts there were thick tears running down his cheeks leaving behind defined streaks. As his tears continued to flow I could see him starting to blush. He let out a few loud sniffles which I guess were louder than he expected as I saw him start to blush even more.

"Don't feel ashamed or embarrassed about your tears. Your new found vulnerability is what I love so much about you. No-one is here to judge. We're all family here." I said as I brought both of my hands to his cheeks, cupped his cheeks and began to wipe his still falling tears away with the pads of my thumbs.

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August 1, 2022 1:50 pm  #2627

Re: Movie night

As soon as I finish speaking I see William's tears come out harder, what started as a single small tear that left a thin streak becomes several big, shiny tears that leave thick streaks on his cheeks, now that I am getting used to see Anna cry more often (William has always shed an abundant amount of big tears), I'm not sure who sheds more tears and who has thicker streaks. I feel a kind of relief as I wasn't the only guy who shed a river of tears today. I see William blushing, then he sniffles, blushing even more, that's when Anna takes his embarrassment away telling him not to be ashamed about his tears, as that is one trait she loves about him (I know Camilla loves that about me, even though I'm not very sensitive, I wonder if all girls like that and we were educated wrong) and no one would judge him, as we are all family.

As she finishes reassuring Will, she lovingly cups his cheeks and wipes his tears with her small thumbs. I look at them and try to break the teary atmosphere: "Let me tell you a couple more adventures we had in Ireland, Camilla was quite an attraction for natives, we went to a pub one night in Galway, it was O'Connors I think, Camilla was wearing a sexy strapless dress, her toned arms exposed, and since it reached mid-thigh, her breathtaking thighs were also exposed. A couple of guys were staring at her as we had a drink. Camilla was so bold, she teased them even more as she started brushing her thigh against mine, opening my legs, leaning for a kiss. Needless to say I was happy to comply, I even went further, teasing the guys as I pulled her thigh towards me, even jiggling her thigh in my hand, the guys were hypnotized seeing us. And, not to brag, but the next day, at Fitzpatrick's bar in Doolin, three girls, all looked European,  were staring at us, I was teasing Camilla caressing her calf with my shin under the table, then she surprised me caressing my thigh from my upper thigh to my knee and coming back through my inner thigh all the way to the hem of my shorts.
I have to admit I felt a mix of emotions there, I was extremely turned on feeling Camilla's warm, soft hand caressing my thigh, especially my inner thigh, and at the same time I felt self conscious as I felt all six eyes (the three girls) staring at my thigh as Camilla caressed it." 

I blush and continue: "William knows me since I was born, it was extremely rare for me to wear shorts, when I was in my teens I got almost obsessed with exercise, I worked out everyday, I got a toned body, but it was mostly because I was kind of ashamed of my legs, I got so into workout I now have very strong and muscular legs, but when Camilla caressed my thigh, I was so excited, it started involuntarily jiggling in her hand, and you guys have seen me walk, even run and jump and my muscles are as hard as marble, noticing the three attractive girls seeing my thigh jiggle in Camilla's hand made me blush, the only thing I thought could distract them was to do the same to Camilla, I'm not sure if jiggling Camilla's perfect thigh distracted them or not, as I also tensed mine to make it stop jiggling. That had a counter effect as well, as Camilla also became turned on and, while we waited for our food, we made out in the restroom, it was the first time we had sex in the restroom in Ireland." I smile as I see Camilla blushing. I softly place my hand on her upper inner thigh, jiggling it for a few seconds. "I guess I can't help keeping my hands off my beautiful, well, I can't find a superlative for beautiful, wife.


August 1, 2022 2:15 pm  #2628

Re: Movie night

William's POV:

Anna soothes me, telling me not to be ashamed, that now I allow myself to cry is one of the traits she loves about me, no-one will judge my tears since we are all family. After she tells me that, she brings her soft hands to my face, and cupping my cheeks, wipes my tears away.

I have to admit I feel less self conscious and very comforted, I am getting used to Anna wiping my tears in front of Jarrod and Camilla, I used to get embarrassed at first, my male chip thought, how can you allow a girl to wipe and kiss your tears, but my heart feels extremely comforted when Anna, even Camilla, takes care of my tears.

Well, after Jarrod and Camilla see this tender scene of Anna wiping my tears, Jarrod, intelligently, abruptly changes the tone of the conversation, telling us a couple of adventures that happened in pubs in Ireland, he focused on when they were being checked by guys or girls. I'm very surprised he openly talks about his thigh jiggling in Camilla's hand, I remember when he was in high school how he never wore shorts, not even at home and worked out a lot, he even checked his thighs when he sat at the table every evening for dinner, seeing if his muscles gave in to the pressure of his fingers.

The first time I saw him in shorts was when he dated Loren in the beach, by now he was extremely fit and (I have to admit I envy that) when he walked his calves just tensed but didn't jiggle and his thigh muscles just showed when he took a step, no jiggle at all. So admitting his thigh jiggled in Camilla's hand must be something extremely rare.

I ask Camilla if she felt self conscious when Jarrod jiggled her calf at first, or when he jiggled her thigh after she caressed his thigh.


August 1, 2022 9:29 pm  #2629

Re: Movie night

As Anna is wiping William's tears away Jarrod begins telling them about the night we were in Galway at O'Connor pub. And guys were starting at me. He tried to make them jealous by patting and jiggling my thigh to which I started brushing my thigh against his and was kissing him. He then went on to tell them about Fitzpatrick's bar in Doolin where three girls were starting at us. He said he was caressing mycalf with his shin under the table then I started caressing his thigh from his upper to his knee. He even swnt so far as to tell them we extended our fun into the bathroom.  Honestly I was a bit embarrassed, but figured he was just trying to lighten the mood.

William interjected during Jarrod's story to tell me how self conscious Jarrod used to be about his legs/thighs until he finally started pushing himself to work out in high school. He boldly asked me if I felt self conscious when he jiggled my calf or thigh.

"No, not really. I mean he's the love of my life and he was just showing people that I'm his. I mean it's nice to make people a bit jealous of our relationship every now and then. Wishing they could find someone like we have." I said nonchalantly.

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August 1, 2022 9:41 pm  #2630

Re: Movie night

Anna's pov:

As I'm continuing to wipe William's tears away I hear Jarrod change the subject entirely and begin to tell William and I about the night they were in Galway at O'Connor's pub. He said guys were staring at Camilla. Instead of getting upset or jealous he decided to make them jealous. He said he  then started patting and jiggling Camilla's thigh. She then responded by brushing her thigh against his as she started kissing him. He also told us about Fitzpatrick's bar in Doolin. He said there were three girls staring st them. He said he was caressing Camilla's calf with his shin and she was caressing his thigh from his upper thigh to his knee. He was even bold enough to tell us their fun extended into the public restroom. I wasn't exactly sure what he was trying to accomplish by telling us this except maybe to lighten the mood.

I was rather surprised when William interrupted Jarrod to tell us how self conscious Jarrod use to be about his legs/thighs until he started pushing himself to start working out in high school. He then surprised me even more by asking Camilla if she ever felt self conscious when he jiggled her thighs or calves. To which she quickly responded no and that it was because he was the love of her life and he was just doing that to show everyone she was his.

I didn't really know what to say so I just stood there next to William with my mouth nearly hanging on the ground as they continued their conversation.

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