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August 14, 2022 5:11 pm  #2751

Re: Movie night

Lindsay's POV

I was conflicted when Leo won his case. On the one hand I never wanted him to go to prison if he was innocent, it did mean that Helen and Natalie weren't worried about him

'This is going to sound a little creepy' I privately told Emma one day. 'But I actually like Helen when she cries. She looks so beautiful when tears are streaming down her face'

'It's not creepy at all' Emma confessed. 'I love it when Natalie has tears streaming down her face too'

We parted and went to our respective jobs

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August 14, 2022 5:24 pm  #2752

Re: Movie night

Melissa's pov:

I feel my brother's left hand  on my left cheek the backs of his fingers just under my eye slowly caressing my cheek untl he reached the middle. He gave me a slight smile as I also smiled back at him. It was then I heard him speak.

"What's wrong Mel?" My brother whispered so only I heard.

"It's just that this movie is opening old wounds. I mean I love Lisa to death, but this movie brings up old feelings about when my ex dumped me. It was more the way he dumped me than the fact that he actually dumped me, though." I Whispered back with a slight wavering voice hoping Lisa hadn't heard.

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August 15, 2022 4:03 am  #2753

Re: Movie night

We get up and I, excited, tell them: "Don't worry about changing, we look good enough to go to the mall and IHOP is not that fancy." I smile as I notice we are all wearing shorts. "Besides, I can help you keep your car keys and wallet." (William's shorts have no bags), Camilla and Anna seem to agree (they have the most fashionable shorts).

As soon as we get in the car, I notice William a bit distant, even though Anna is at his side, he seems more distracted than enjoying caressing her thigh as it jiggles with the bumps on the road. I see Camilla kind of got too into the subject with William as she teasingly brings her hand to my thigh, caressing the from the hem of my shorts down to my knee, then back up, but instead of stopping at the hem, she pushes her hand all the way to upper inner thigh, stopping for a second as she looks at me and gives me a sultry smile, surprising me as she squeezes my inner thigh quickly, making it jiggle as I am sitting relaxed in the car seat. I immediately feel a tent instantly growing in my shorts. I give Camilla a look that could tell I was craving to have her there, no matter who is present, and, to contain myself, I give her a strong pat (the sound was so strong, I notice William returning her mind to the here and now as he looks through the mirror) on her upper thigh, seeing and feeling it strongly jiggling in my hand, I rest my hand there for a sec (her strong thighs don't jiggle for too long) then I move my hand to her inner thigh, jiggling it and resting my hand there.

Not long after (fortunately, as things were getting VERY steamy) we reach the mall. As I am about to open the door to get out of the car, I feel Camilla patting my inner thigh, just below the hem of my shorts, resting her hand firmly feeling my thigh jiggle briefly in her hand. I look at her and mouth without talking "see you in the bathroom".


August 15, 2022 4:19 am  #2754

Re: Movie night

William's POV:

Jarrod motions us to go, without changing clothes, I see it both, as something uncomfortable and as an opportunity (uncomfortable because I feel underdressed and an opportunity to have my thighs jiggled by Anna in a public setting). I open the door for Camilla and Anna, then I go around the car to get in the driver's seat. As soon as I sit and start driving, my mind goes wandering to the previous significative event from last evening and this morning, first, Camilla letting me know she doesn't feel self conscious when Jarrod jiggles her well shaped, defined thighs and her muscular calves, then Jarrod allowing Camilla to jiggle his thighs in public, even getting aroused, more still, daring to have sex in a public bathroom, who would have though such a serious, talented musician would do that, then, and most surprising of all (not that the rest wasn't shocking) Camilla allowing her tears to fall unchecked down her silky cheek in front of many people, even allowing Jarrod to wipe and kiss them for her.

 I drop my hand on Anna's thigh, enjoying how it jiggles in my hand, my mind thinking how to test myself in the recently learned situations, I know I have to overcome them, unashamed and even enjoying.

I get abruptly out of my thought by a slap sound, I look in the rearview mirror, I see Camilla's upper thigh briefly jiggle against Jarrod's hand, I force myself to look to the front, I wouldn't want an accident. After only a couple more minutes we arrive to the mall. I get out, open the door for Anna, Jarrod is still getting out (I wonder what these guys have in mind), I feel a bit aroused seeing Anna's calves jiggling briefly as she steps out of the car, I hold her by her waist and walk inside the mall that way.


August 15, 2022 4:28 am  #2755

Re: Movie night

Tristan's POV:

Melissa definitely likes the way I am caressing her cheek, as she smiles back at me. I whisper (hoping Lisa doesn't hear): "What's wrong Mel?" She answers it's the old wound that hasn't healed of her ex bf dumping her the way he did. Her voice is wavy as she finishes whispering. I give her hand a reassuring squeeze, letting her know it's ok to break down, Im here for her, at the same time I caress her cheek on the way back, from the middle of her cheek to under her eye. Melissa closes her eyes, sending a big, round, hot tear quickly cascading down her cheek, crashing with the back of my fingers as they meet. I release her hand as well as her cheek, seeing another tear replacing the first one, I lean and kiss it lovingly for her, giving the thick streak a brief kiss as well.

I notice Lisa removing her head from Mel's shoulder, I'm sure tears rained on her face as well.


August 15, 2022 4:46 am  #2756

Re: Movie night

Robyn's POV

'Have a lovely time you two' Susan said to me and Marie at the airport. She gave us both a hug as tears streamed down her face

'We will' I promised my eyes filling with tears

In just a few short hours I would be seeing Caitlin again and for a lot longer than just a day. Me and Marie grabbed a drink and a snack as we waited for our flight to London to be called.

'Rachel's going to meet you at Heathrow to take you to King's Cross.' I told her. My best friend had previously said she had gotten confused the last time and nearly missed her train to Paris

My thoughtfulness caused tears to run down Marie's cheeks

'A few of the girls in my class tell me I have to change to get a boyfriend' she told me, her unwiped tears glistening on her face. 'I tell them I didn't have to change for you, so I shouldn't need to change to get a boyfriend'

'Good for you' I told her, tears streaming down my face. We wiped our tears away and got ready to catch our flight

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August 15, 2022 5:41 am  #2757

Re: Movie night

Jarrod tells us we look fine just the way we are and we all gather our things to leave. Jarrod and I sit in the backseat as I teasingly bring my hand to his thigh. I start caressing it from the hem of his shorts to his knee, and back again continuing to his upper thigh this time. I give him a sultry smile as I squeeze his inner thigh. I see a tent instantly growing in his shorts. I do have to admit I am getting a bit aroused myself just from touching his upper thigh. I look deep into his eyes as he gives me a smile that says he is desperate to have me. He iterates that by patting my upper thigh very strongly then moving his hand slowly to my inner thigh where he jiggles it.

I'm glad the mall wasn't much further or I'm not sure how long I could have contained myself, even in the car. I stop Jarrod dead in his tracks from opening his door  by patting his inner thigh just below the hem of his shorts. I know he can't resist my hand there. He then turns to me and whispers he'll see me in the bathroom.

"Can you contain yourself until we go shopping?" I ask with a teasing grin on my face. "Or should we excuse ourselves to the bathroom right away?" I finish giggling slightly.

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August 15, 2022 5:49 am  #2758

Re: Movie night

Anna's pov:

Jarrod encourages us to just go to the mall dressed as we are saying we look fine. I'm not sure if William will go with it as he usually dresses a bit more to go out but he suprises me saying he's ready. William opens the car door for Camilla and I before getting in the drivers seat.

After a few quiet moments driving to the mall I feel William drop his hand on my thigh. Shortly thereafter we arrive at the mall. Being the gentleman he is he insisted on opening the door for me. He then delicately wraps his arm around my waist as we walk into the mall.

As soon as we get inside the mall both Jarrod and Camilla excuse themselves to the bathroom. I tell them we'll meet them st the maternity boutique on the second floor.

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August 15, 2022 6:01 am  #2759

Re: Movie night

Camilla asks teasing if I can wait after shopping, I give her a neutral face, she interprets it as a no and as soon as we get out of the car she excuses us for a moment in the bathroom. Anna says she’ll meet us at the maternity shop upstairs.

I hold Camilla by her waist, teasingly brushing her barely visible abs, feeling her tremble in anticipation. It feels like an eternity but it was only a couple of minutes until we get to the bathroom. I don’t even check if someone sees us, I open the door for Camilla to get it and I follow, locking the door immediately.

I don’t wait to have any foreplay, I strip Camilla from her top and without giving her time to react, take her shorts off, only the tennis delayed me a second. I quickly strip and look for somewhere to sit her, unfortunately not finding a place, so I close a toilet and sit, motioning Camilla to ride me hard and fast.


August 15, 2022 6:06 am  #2760

Re: Movie night

Melissa's pov:

After I tell my brother why I'm upset he gives my hand a reassuring squeeze. I know he is subtlely telling me he's "got me" that I can feel free to let my emotions out. I slowly close my eyes as his fingers reach just under my eye sending a thick, hot tear rolling down my cheek. He then releases both my hand as well as my cheek just as another thick, hot tear replaces the first one and starts rolling down my cheek following the same path as the previous one. I then feel my brother lean in and kiss my still falling tear as well as its streak.

At this point I could feel Lisa lifting her head from my shoulder. I shyly turned my head so I could see her face. She was wiping her left cheek with the finger pads of her left hand blushing slightly.

"Sorry." I whispered blushing. I figured it was my tears on her cheek she was wiping seeing as how her eyes were still dry.

"It's ok really." Lisa began slowly blushing. "I just hope you're ok, love. I've never seen you cry like this (or much really at all)." She finished looking me deep into my eyes with a concerned look on her face.

Taking a deep shaky, nervous breath I begin telling her "It's nothing really, it's just that...this movie reminded me of the nasty way my ex dumped me and it kind of brought all those feelings back. I mean its not like I still care about him as I love you with all my heart. It just reminded me of how painful that time in my life was." I finished hoping I hadn't scared Lisa away.

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