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August 18, 2022 4:28 am  #2791

Re: Movie night

Melissa's pov:

As soon as Lisa left my brother asked my how I felt the day went. He said he thought Lisa felt completely comfortable with both of us even after what had happened previously.

"I thought the day went very well. I'm glad you and Lisa got along so well." I said happily.

HMy brother then asked if I preferred sleeping alone tonight as he could take the couch.

"Nonsense. I have a spare room that's unoccupied." I said caringly.

My brother then suggested we have a light dinner before turning in for the night to which I agreed happily.


August 18, 2022 5:32 pm  #2792

Re: Movie night

Robyn's POV

Me and Caitlin had a long list of activities we wished to do, but her parents had an even better suggestion

'Spend some quiet time together' her mum suggested. 'You haven't done that yet'

So we did. For three days we just enjoyed each other's company. We even borrowed one of her Dad’s jigsaws and quietly put it together.

We were both glad we had agreed to take things a bit slowly. I felt our love strengthen as we completed the jigsaw.

The following day we travelled to a hotel near Walthamstow Central Station with the intention of walking the length of the Victoria Line

That night we put on some romantic music and gently swayed in each other's arms as tears streamed down our faces

When the music finished we parted wiped each other's tears and shared a passionate kiss

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August 19, 2022 1:05 am  #2793

Re: Movie night

We have a nice brunch, enjoying our dishes and the company of each other, I notice William's breathing faster than usual, I let it slide. We finish lunch and stand up to get back to William's home, as we walk to the car I hold Camilla by her waist and my mind drifts, could she have gotten pregnant? I sure hope so, she would be the beautiful mom of a very beautiful baby.

We reach the car and head back home, I wait for the girls to propose our next activity as we'll leave tomorrow morning.


August 19, 2022 1:29 am  #2794

Re: Movie night

William's POV:

I have a hard time controlling the adrenaline rush, plus, finishing processing some incorrect information I had, now knowing how it is in reality. I put a checkmark on two of the three goals (well, two and a half) I wanted to achieve: allowing to have my thighs jiggled in public, knowing that even the most worked out thighs jiggle when relaxed, I did feel less self conscious, even enjoyed more jiggling Anna's thigh, I'll workout with her once she has the baby, hopefully she'll get thighs as worked out as Camilla's, I'll do my best to have a body similar to Jarrod's. 

Only one goal to achieve: having my tears taken care of in public. "Would you like to go to the movie theater? There is a new Thor movie, I heard it has all, action, adventure, drama, so no matter which genre we like, we'll find it". I wait for the girls answer, I know Jarrod likes both Marvel and DC.


August 19, 2022 1:41 am  #2795

Re: Movie night

Tristan's POV:

Melissa says she has a spare room, I understand I'll get some alone time, we have a light dinner then I hug her and say goodnight. As soon as I reach my room I make a video call to Enid, telling her I'll fly tomorrow, that I miss her, a lot and that I hope to see her at the airport, if she is free. I can't help a small tear slip out, leaving a thin streak as I tell her I miss her so much.


August 19, 2022 4:42 am  #2796

Re: Movie night

Enid's POV

Tristan sent me a video call saying he missed me a lot and could I meet him at the airport. I even saw a tear too which made my heart beat a bit faster

I was so looking forward to seeing him again. When he came through customs, I wrapped my arms round his neck as tears streamed down my face

'I'm sorry' I sobbed. 'Please forgive me'

'Honey, stop apologising!' he said wiping my tears and giving me a kiss. 'Let's get a coffee before we go back'

We walked to the coffee shop, Tristan wanted to discuss Melissa and Lisa but I advised him not to.

'Not here, when we are driving back' I told him. I didn't want to reveal to anyone Melissa's relationship as I didn't want her to get into trouble

Tristan then asked me if I'd seen Robyn.

'I have' I confessed. 'It's funny even though I like just guys, I missed her too. It's the updo and her boots, it's quite an iconic look. Anyway she's found herself a girlfriend, it's very mysterious. She met her during the summer. One of those love at first sight things.'

'I'm glad she's happy' Tristan said. I could tell he wanted to ask about Laura but decided against it.

We started to drive back and once we were in my car driving into the city in complete privacy, I then allowed him to talk about Melissa and her girlfriend.

I explained in the airport, I didn’t want anyone to hear as it could be passed onto the Dean of her College and she could be expelled for dating a girl

Tristan went a bit quiet. I knew he loved his sister and wouldn't want anything to happen to her

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August 19, 2022 6:48 am  #2797

Re: Movie night

As we were finishing up our lunch William suggested we go see a movie as we are leaving in the morning. He suggested we see Thor.

"Sounds nice. What did everyone else say?" I asked curiously.

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August 19, 2022 6:52 am  #2798

Re: Movie night

Anna's pov:

After lunch William asked Jarrod and Anna if they'd like to do anything else today as he knew they were leaving in the morning. He suggested the Thor movie.

"I think that'd be nice. We haven't been to the movies in a while and after our little one arrives it'll be even longer." I said hoping Jarrod and Camilla agreed.

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August 19, 2022 6:59 am  #2799

Re: Movie night

Melissa's pov:

After a nice light dinner I remind my brother I have a spare room. We hug, say good night and part ways. We wake early in the morning and I drive my brother to the airport. We hug goodbye and he says he'll video me when he gets home.

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August 19, 2022 12:38 pm  #2800

Re: Movie night

Kate's POV

'Have a lovely time in Switzerland' I said to Samantha, giving her a hug the night before her holiday

'I will' she said happily, tears running down her cheeks. 'Farewell Center Parcs, you will be missed this summer'

I grinned. Samantha had not been shy of her hatred for the place. Thankfully now she had a boyfriend she could go on holiday somewhere else. They were doing the same thing as their US trip last year, visiting a library in every Swiss Canton's capital

I was getting ready too to go to Hong Kong Disneyland. Rachel was already in Hong Kong and the plan was she would travel to the resort and stay for ten days after her run.

'My finish point is nearby' she told me. 'We get an official car at the end of the run to take us where we want to go'

Caitlin and Robyn were enjoying a quiet two or three days at Caitlin's house before they were starting their list of activities

'It's so nice to have her with me for several weeks' she said tears streaming down her face. 'I'm in a dream at the minute, I can't believe it's happening'

'Well it is happening' I told her, tears running down my cheeks 'And I'm so happy for you' I gave her a hug and continued my packing

Security will run you down hard
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