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September 17, 2022 9:45 pm  #2961

Re: Movie night

Jarrod finally answered my question after a few moments of thinking. He said he'd rather try naturally as he didn't want us playing God. If it's meant to happen it will. He also added he thought it'd be more fun if we try naturally, which I can't disagree. He then gave me a sultry look asking if I'd like to try one more time. (We were finally both ready for our love making to be 100% about trying for a baby).

"Sure. We can rest after for work. I want to try as many times as you do for a precious baby of our own. Believe it it not I thought I couldn't love you any more but this just makes me love you twice as much as I ever have." I said as a smile spread across my face. I then grabbed Jarrod's hand and led him to the bedroom.

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September 17, 2022 10:51 pm  #2962

Re: Movie night

William's POV:

After an early sleep, next morning we wake up early, I quickly get up and prepare a healthy breakfast (or what I think is healthy), then think, what are Anna's needs now that she is pregnant? I tell Anna that we should make an appointment with the nutritionist.

We eat breakfast and I remind Anna we have a class to attend, we get ready to go to the gym. Anna looks sexier than ever, I feel the desire to make love to my stunningly beautiful wife, but I refrain to do so to have her focus her energy on the exercise. We head to the maternity class at the gym...


September 17, 2022 11:00 pm  #2963

Re: Movie night

Camilla smiles then grabs my hand, leading me into the bedroom. Surprisingly she takes the lead, taking my clothes off before I have a chance to react. She leads me to bed and as I sit, I pull her shorts off then her panties, I don't think I'll ever get bored of seeing, feeling and hearing Camilla's perfectly toned legs jiggle in my hands. I instantly get hard. I pull her top off, seeing her round breasts bounce. I pull her to the bed. She intertwines her legs with mine, her calves jiggle against my shins...


September 18, 2022 3:21 am  #2964

Re: Movie night

Anna's pov:

When I wake up I realize it is still pretty early but William has already gotten up. I slowly get out of bed and walk into the kitchen to find he has already prepared a pretty healthy breakfast for us. As we are eating he says he thinks it would be a good idea if I made an appointment to see a nutritionist. I agree and say I'll make it later in the day.

William then reminds me we have a maternity excercise class at the gym a little later that morning. I quickly get dressed a purple no sleeve work out top and black workout leggings. (I'm trying to be  comfortable yet covered even though I'm only 2 mos pregnant and my belly hasn't really started to show yet).  We finally head to the gym making the class in perfect time to get a spot right up front.

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September 18, 2022 3:33 am  #2965

Re: Movie night

As soon as we get into our room I immediately start undressing Jarrod pulling his shirt up over his head. I then lead him to the bed and remove his pants slowly. He then reaches up (as I'm standing) and pulls my shorts and underwear off. I can see his member is already hard and ready for me. He then pulls my top over my head (as he has now stood up) letting my breasts bounce as they fall back down. He quickly pulls me to the bed. I can't help intertwining my legs with his letting my calves jiggle against his shins.

"Which position do you think would get us pregnant the fastest?" I begin asking as I stare deep into his eyes. "I mean we've tried this position many times before and I haven't gotten pregnant yet. I'm willing to try any new position you'd like." I finish waiting eagerly for his response.

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September 18, 2022 4:51 am  #2966

Re: Movie night

William's POV:

I choose a pair of orange running shorts with a yellow t-shirt, but seeing Anna in black leggings and a purple top made me change my mind, I change to a gray sweatshirt and black pants. We head to the class and we don't see our recently met couple of the coffee shop. I sit and watch Anna do her exercises, stretching while she is at class. I wanted to go to the machines for at least 10 minutes but the young couple from the coffee shop come to me and ask me a favor, they explain they need to get married ASAP, I think, she got pregnant, but no, she has a family issue that forbids her to see her fiancee. She starts to sob as she explains the situation, I feel really bad for her and seeing her beautiful face full of tears (plus her opening the door when she wiped my tear) compels me to wipe her tear streaked face, I even dare to kiss a tear from her cheek in the most casual manner. When Anna's class ends, I ask her to listen to them for a minute and let her know I'm willing to help, as long as she agrees.

We go back home to rest and get a shower, this time I don't even suggest making love, as I am a bit cautious of her health. around noon we call the nutritionist to schedule the appointment, change and go for a walk in the park.

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September 18, 2022 4:56 am  #2967

Re: Movie night

Camilla asks which position would give us the highest rate to get her pregnant, I think carefully before I answer: "I remember when I was a teenager a friend told me not to have sex in missionary position, doggy style, reverse cowgirl and a couple of others I don't remember well, because that would more than probably get the girl pregnant. We could try any of those, well, missionary we have tried, would you rather do doggy style (not a big effort for the girl) or reverse cowgirl (she has full control)?... Well, there's also the side by side scissors and the wheelbarrow but..." I flush as I look at Camilla...

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September 18, 2022 11:48 am  #2968

Re: Movie night

Amans lacrimae wrote:

Tristan's POV:

After a quick power nap, I get up and research for the information on getting married, thank God it's quick. I run back to Enid, who is still asleep, I grasp both her thighs and jiggle them trying to wake her up, she looks extremely beautiful and sensual, her toned, strong thighs, relaxed and jiggling in my hands, a turn on I had never experienced before.

She finally wakes up, I tell her, "we could get married as soon as tomorrow, I would just need a witness and you would need another, only requisite is they are over 18, isn't that good news?"

Enid's POV

I immediately called Mirabelle and asked if she would be my witness. She agreed without hesitation and I told her the venue

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September 18, 2022 11:57 am  #2969

Re: Movie night

Liz's POV

Before long we entered the summer months. The juice bar was still going strong even after Adrian's failed attempt at trying to put us out of business

The shell of his property was still there and causing a bit of controversy and pain for several other people

'Emma says she cries everyday she drives past it on her way to work' Natalie said soberly

One day midweek we had a nice surprise as Jan came back for a visit

'You've redecorated' He said with a smile 'I really like it'

I was glad as we had needed four days to change the decor, which meant closing the shop so we could do it. Luckily we had enough money in the bank to cover it

Jan reminded me that my first year of ownership had been completed and so I could now take 100% of the profits

'I couldn't have wished for a better custodian than you' He told me

'I'm glad' I said as a tear ran down my left cheek. Wiping it away I took his and his wife's empty plates away

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And I will lead them on a merry chase

September 18, 2022 12:11 pm  #2970

Re: Movie night

Robyn's POV

As Caitlin was spending sometime with Kate, I travelled solo for the next three days

I journeyed into Watford to look at the Town Hall, scene of the recording of the music for The Lord of the Rings trilogy and met up with Rachel to swap stories on the NY subway

I was interested to learn that although we both started from the same station we didn't end at the same point. I finished at Flushing Main St. and she had stopped at Pelham Bay Park

'I was do grateful to see Marie at the end' Rachel said. 'My independent adjudicator for that run was my worst travelling companion ever'

My eyes filled with tears

'I'm always grateful to see Marie too' I said softly as they ran down my cheeks 'I couldn't have got through this past year without her and Susan'

'I'm just glad her and Caitlin were close friends before they knew they were sisters' Rachel told me 'It's not the easiest thing to go through for both of them, but it's made easier by the fact they already loved each other'

I nodded and we both returned to the Underground station

Security will run you down hard
And I will lead them on a merry chase

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