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September 18, 2022 2:42 pm  #2971

Re: Movie night

Tristan's POV:

I'm happy that Enid found a witness so soon, but I'm not sure who to ask, I call Melissa and invite her to the wedding, even let her know she can bring Lisa, I'd love to see them both. I tell Enid I'll go close the coffee shop and be back with her (as I know she needs me right now). I come back before sunset and we call it an early night.
Next morning I ask Enid to go to the gym to burn out all the recent strong emotions, she agrees, we get dressed for the gym and wait for Mel and Lisa's answer. When we get to the gym we see one of the two couples from the coffee shop, the one with the pregnant girl. The guy is just looking at his girl while she is in the class, well maybe stretching to avoid getting numb. I ask Enid if it would be a good idea to ask him to be my witness, in case Melissa doesn't arrive on time or is unable to come (knowing that if I don't have a witness the marriage can't take place).
Enid agrees and I notice tears starting to fill her eyes (maybe she fears not being able to get married soon enough).

I approach the guy: "Hello, remember me, I'm Tristan, the owner of the coffee shop, I, um, have a big favor to ask (I blush, then I see Enid coming to my side). My girlfriend and I have a family situation that is pushing us to get married as soon as possible, no, it's not pregnancy, well, actually, my fiancee can explain better, the point is, we need a witness for the legal marriage." I turn to look at Enid, she can barely hold her tears in. She starts explaining how her not perfect grades made her mom mad and she is forbidding her to see me anymore and that she is helping me with the business. As she is talking to William, I notice she starts to get more distressed and her breathing pattern increases.

I place an arm around her shoulders as I place my free hand between her shoulder blades (I hope she composes herself). Surprisingly she breaks down sobbing, I feel her back tremble in my hand as I see tears stream down her beautiful cheeks in three streaks simultaneously. Before I even get a chance to react I see William bring his palms and swipe just below her eyes from the inner corner to the outer corner of her eyes, clearing all her tears from under her eyes. He surprises both of us when after that sweet gesture, he turns his hands and with the back of his fingers he delicately traces the tear streaks from the middle of her cheeks. Enid gasps and blushes.

He says: "Don't worry guys, when is the wedding, I'm sure my wife and I will be happy to be there for you, just give us some minutes so she finishes class and we can talk." He leans and gives Enid a kiss on the outer side of her cheek, I don't know if it's just a coincidence or he kissed a still rolling tear on purpose. He gives me a pat on my shoulder.

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September 19, 2022 3:49 am  #2972

Re: Movie night

Anna's pov:

I guess William liked what I chose to wear to the gym as, as soon as he saw it he completely changed his outfit to better match mine. This time he decides to just watch me when we get to my class. I start by stretching. I'd definitely hate to get injured in any way (even more so now that I'm pregnant). He then approaches me asking if I'd mind if he went to the machines for a few while I did my class. I told him it wasn't a problem.

After my class is over I go find William. To my surprise he is talking to the nice couple from the day before. The ones who own the coffee shop. Before I get a chance to even say hi to them William quickly blurts out that he'd really like me to hear what they have to say as it is something he'd like to help them out with as long as I agree.

I take a look at the lady's face and notice she has tears streaming down both of her cheeks. I'm thinking whatever it is it must be serious. I stand there and listen intently. The lady explains through her hitched breathing that the two of them need to get married as soon as possible and need a whiteness. I stared at her puzzled as she continued to explain that she got some bad grades at college and was told by her parents she could no longer see her boyfriend. The problem is that they own and work at the coffee shop together and it would really hurt the business if she could no longer work there. Not to mention how devastated they'd be (in general) if they had to be apart as they already planned on getting married...eventually. Just not so soon.

"Sure. I don't see why we should be what stands in between two young lovers. I'd love William to help and would be honored if I could too." I said as caringly as possible.

We exchange numbers and the couple tells us they will call us as soon as they know when it'll be as they are heading down to city hall to get all the details as soon as they leave.

We quickly head home to take a quick shower then call the nutritionist to make an appointment. After that William suggests a nice relaxing walk in the park. I smile and grab his hand as we leave the house.

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September 19, 2022 4:04 am  #2973

Re: Movie night

Jarrod suggests we do it in either missionary position, doggy style or reverse cowgirl as he's heard they have the highest likelihood of the woman getting pregnant. As I'm thinking which I'd prefer more he blurts out that we've already tried missionary so he'd rather either doggy style or reverse cowgirl. I start thinking if I'd rather do something a bit easier (doggy) or one where I could have more control (cowgirl). As I'm thinking he begins to ramble that there's also the side by side scissors and the wheelbarrow that we haven't tried yet (although not heard of having a high likelihood of pregnancy). As I'm thinking and looking at him I notice he starts to blush as he's not usually this open about talking about sex (although very open about doing it).

"How about doggy?" I begin asking. "Although not my favorite I can't always have every time be completely about me. I have a feeling it's a position you'd probably like...and one we definitely haven't tried yet." I finished hoping he liked my explanation.

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September 19, 2022 1:05 pm  #2974

Re: Movie night

Enid's POV

Tristan had some trouble finding a witness, but one day he noticed one of the couples from the previous week had come back to have coffee

Having a brainwave he decided to ask them if they would be a witness. I had to step in and explain that because of my bad grades, my parents had banned me from seeing Tristan. This was a problem because I owned the coffee shop with him, so we decided to get married

I nearly didn't get through this speech as I started to sob and my tears streamed down my face. Remembering the last time our new friends wiped them away for me and said they would be honoured

This was a relief, but as I told Tristan later as we were packing up, we needed to get married the day after my birthday so my parents couldn't force an annulment on us as this was without parental consent

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September 19, 2022 5:05 pm  #2975

Re: Movie night

Robyn's POV

Susan had some good news for me on the morning that me and Caitlin were travelling to the US. We had to move out of dorms for our next year of College and her Dad had a house free for her, me and Marie to stay in

'That's perfect' I told her on the phone. 'We'll see you later'. Since Marie was still in France we had a spare room that Caitlin could stay in for the second part of our trip

Kate came with us to the airport and the two sisters hugged each other goodbye, tears running down their cheeks. My eyes filled with tears too, it was very emotional but I wiped them away before they fell

'Thanks for letting me have those three days' Caitlin said, her tears still visible on her face. 'It was so nice to spend some time with her.' She wiped her tears and continued;

'I've chosen to go to Oxford, it means I can be close to Dad and Kate'

'Your welcome' I replied, my eyes filling with tears again. This time I did allow them to stream down my face. 'Family is important to all of us. I wouldn't dream of separating you from them'

Caitlin wiped my tears and kissed me gently on the lips. We took a brief detour to clean our faces and waited for our gate announcement

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September 20, 2022 4:35 am  #2976

Re: Movie night

Melissa's pov:

I get a call from my brother. It's been a bit since we talked. I understand he's been rather busy with his business, school and seeing Enid. He explains he and Enid are engaged. I tell him how happy I am for them. He then explains that the two of them need to get married as soon as possible. He continue to explain that Enid got some bad grades at college and was told by her parents she could no longer see him. The problem is that they own and work at the coffee shop together and it would really hurt the business if Enid could no longer work there. Not to mention how devastated they'd be (in general) if they had to be apart as they already planned on getting married...eventually. Just not so soon.

I barely had time to collect my thoughts when I was invited to their wedding. Granted it would be a small one at city hall (when it did happen).

"I'd love to. Just let me know when it is so I can make arrangements." I said feeling both happy and a bit nervous for them.

"I'm so glad sis. Couldn't imagine getting married without you there." My brother began excitedly. "As soon as we figure out all the details from city hall we'll be sure to let you know." He finished before saying goodbye and hanging up.

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September 20, 2022 1:00 pm  #2977

Re: Movie night

Camilla chooses doggy, I have never had sex in this position, so I ask Camilla to show me, she places herself on all four on the bed and I kneel behind her, I lean to hold her in my arms and the first I feel are her warm thighs against mine (I'm still not used feeling her posterior thighs like that but I love it), I hold her tight abs, teasing lightly moving a hand down to her inner parts, she shivers causing her breasts to bounce a bit making contact with my other hand, her thighs giving in as she pushes back and my member poking her rear which makes me move sideways to avoid entering her rear.

I adjust my position to become one with her on the natural place, the angle feels great, it seems it benefits her as well as she moans and trembles as soon as we become one. She beats me with the initiative and starts swaying, I respond thrusting slowly, but the combination of her swaying and me thrusting makes the force of our contact quite strong. I slowly rise to climax feeling her posterior thighs jiggling against my quads, I bring my hands to her quads, which oppose no resistance at all, jiggling against my hands as my hands bounce on them and sink in her soft, silky skin. To my surprise, it doesn't take more than 3 minutes for Camilla to reach the point of no return as I am still building up. I thrust harder to reach the point of no return. Camilla never ceases to surprise me as she reaches the point of no return at the same time I reach it for the first time. I feel I filled her deep, I hope it reaches the goal to get her pregnant.

We lay in bed, still, catching air...

Next day, I take Camilla to a meeting with Jessica...

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September 20, 2022 2:32 pm  #2978

Re: Movie night

Billie's POV

Me and Gemma were at our favourite coffee shop having some lunch. In addition we'd taken along our latest Sisterhood of Nine story, 'Chequered Flag' to read

It was Gemma's turn and in the chapter she was reading, Sally and Kira were sneaking out of their rented house to observe a secret meeting.

''Are you cold? Sally asked Kira'' Gemma recited. 'When Kira replied she was, Sally moved towards her housemate and gently ran her hands down her arms. The two girls looked at each other'

Gemma's eyes were filling with tears at this point and mine weren't far behind. My partner continued to read as the two girls kissed, initiating their relationship. Gemma stopped reading in order to wipe her tears that had run down her cheeks.

She resumed speaking and as she described their combined love for each other, tears ran down my cheeks too.

We finished the chapter and wiped our tears away, continuing to eat our lunch

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September 20, 2022 2:46 pm  #2979

Re: Movie night

Jessica's POV

Camilla had asked for us to meet at a local coffee shop, so I went to meet with her. I was a little early and as I arrived I saw two girls - one with light brown hair and one with thick raven hair - on a table reading to each other

The light brown haired girl seemed familiar but I couldn't place her. I bought my drink and my food and had another glance. They both seemed to be wearing black boots like me, but I couldn't tell if they were knee length like mine as they were wearing them under their jeans

Their book seemed to make them emotional as I saw tears running down their cheeks. But they seemed happy enough

Camilla soon arrived and we exchanged a hug

'I'm sorry it's taken too long to meet with you' she said. My eyes filled with tears

'That's okay'  I told her. We had a great conversation, two minutes getting rid of history and then we moved onto her new life with Jarrod

'Gemma seems to have found someone new' Camilla said as I bit into a triple chocolate muffin. She indicated the couple in the corner who had been crying earlier. I couldn't place her so she reminded me.

'Sadie's friend, when she went to jail'

'I'm glad she's happy now' I said. Sadie had mentioned in a letter that Gemma had been in love with her.  However from the way the two of them were playing with each other's fingers and rubbing their boot toes together they seemed to be very close

Camilla then told me about her recent trip to NY to see her brother in law and sister in law

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September 20, 2022 5:57 pm  #2980

Re: Movie night

William's POV:

As we walk at the park I notice quite a few heads turning to Anna, seems she is more attractive than she already was in the eyes of others, my opinion is that she is the most beautiful woman on the planet. We pass by the ice cream, skipping it to avoid sugar and fat to increase in a bad way, at least until we see the nutritionist. We sit on a bench to rest for a few minutes, I softly place my left hand on her right thigh, feeling a pleasant jiggle, I caress her thigh from her upper thigh to her knee, I look in her eyes and with the sweetest gaze and voice, I softly say: "Have I told you lately you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen? I love your beautiful eyes, your charming smile, your defined arms, your life bearing abs, your silky soft thighs and your beautiful shapely calves. I wish I could feel them without the fabric interfering." I smile at her (hope she gets the hint I'd love her to wear shorts or skirts more often).

We chat a little more and, when we get a little hungry I give her thigh a soft pat then offer her my hand to stand up. We go to the coffee shop hand in hand as we have an invitation for lunch.

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