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September 24, 2022 3:50 pm  #3001

Re: Movie night

Camilla and I drop on the couch (I love the way she drops her legs on my lap) and starts searching for a movie in Netflix. She chooses the new release of A Star is Born (I know for sure she loves the previous release as she loves feeling her tears rolling down her cheeks and she loves more how I take care of them).

We watch the movie, I automatically drop my hands on her legs, one on her thigh the other on her calf, and every now and then look at her faceā€¦


September 24, 2022 11:34 pm  #3002

Re: Movie night

William's POV:

As soon as Tristan leaves and I finish clearing her drying streaks, she gives me a big smile and kisses my lips. As we get up to leave Anna tells me that the advice I gave Tristan was amazing and that was just one more reason why she was lucky to be my wife.

We get home, I ask her if she wants to cuddle and watch a movie or if she is tired and wants to go to bed, I offer to hold her tight all night.


September 26, 2022 3:42 am  #3003

Re: Movie night

As I turn on the movie I feel Jarrod he drop one hand on my thigh and the other one on my calf. I couldn't help big but smile. The movies is quite good and I am really captivated. That is until the first time the song Shallow is sung. I can feel tears stinging the backs of my eyes. Although none fall I know the meaning of the song and it makes me remember the previous version of the movie I saw many yrs ago. Tears begin to slowly fill my eyes, still refusing to fall.

I can't help but instinctively take Jarrod's left hand in my right and bring it up to my still dry cheeks and rub the back of his hand on my cheek hoping to help my tears flow. (And were aren't even at the sad part yet).

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September 26, 2022 3:45 am  #3004

Re: Movie night

Anna's pov:

As soon as we get home William asks me if I'd like to cuddle and watch a movie or go to bed.

"How about we cuddle in bed?" I ask figuring it's the best of both choices so if I do happen to fall asleep I'm already in bed and in William's arms.

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September 26, 2022 6:11 am  #3005

Re: Movie night

I see tears slowly fill and stay in Camilla's eyes, refusing to fall down her beautiful cheeks. After a few minutes I look at her again, still her tears are not falling. Cam catches me by surprise when she takes my left hand from her calf and bring it to her soft cheek. I feel her soft cheek quickly rise in temperature and her skin color a bit more rosy. I look at her eyes and smile, they are filled to the brim, the tears about to overflow, I look at her and tell her: "You're doing good baby, feel free to let it all out". Seems those words are magic, the tears that were refusing to fall, start to fall encouraged by the contact of the back of my fingers on her cheeks.

Big, round, hot tears quickly escape down Camilla's beautiful cheeks, leaving several artistically drawn thick streaks on their way down her face. I feel utmost love and at the same time, seeing her beautiful thick streaks shining with the reflection of the TV, I get quite aroused. Camilla starts wiping her tears and drying her streaks with the back of my hand (as she is still holding and guiding it), I can't help but smile at her as I feel her delicate, silky hand guide mine to her tears. I lean and kiss a tear next to her lip, then kiss her lips very passionately, feeling a few tears fall on my lips. When we break the kiss Camilla is even more emotional, as a sad scene is starting to happen. I look at her, she is trying to control her lips from curling, I give a quick peck on her lips, brushing my finger pads slowly on her lips as I softly say: "Don't refrain from sobbing, allow your full lips form a beautiful curl, never think you look ugly, you look beautiful my love, if I may, you look even more sexy and attractive with your curled lips." I drop my hand on her thigh, feeling her quads sexily jiggling in my hand.

I wait for Camilla, hoping she allows herself to sob as loud and intense as she desires...


September 26, 2022 6:39 am  #3006

Re: Movie night

William's POV:

Anna chooses to cuddle in bed, we take our clothes off and get to bed, this is the first time she falls asleep almost as soon as we cuddle, she intertwines her legs on mine, falling asleep soon after. I can't help indulging caressing and jiggling her thighs and calves. I didn't see it coming but after a few minutes of Anna falling asleep, I feel I received a boost of adrenaline as I feel myself having a boy accident, I couldn't resist feeling Anna's soft thighs and calves, I'm not sure if it's pregnancy or what, I usually caress and jiggle her thighs and calves and I have been good at waiting for bed, seems Anna is drifting off to sleep, I keep feeling her beautiful legs softly give in and jiggle in my hands when, completely surprised I feel my boxers get wet as my member shoots life giving liquid with the force of a teenager, seems Anna is giving me a second round of young years. I smile as I drift off to sleep as well, I love when the last thing I feel is my beautiful wife's legs jiggle in my hands or her beautiful tears either on my lips or in my fingers.


September 26, 2022 12:26 pm  #3007

Re: Movie night

Enid's POV

Me and Tristan take William and Anna out to lunch to finalise our wedding arrangements

So my parents couldn't force me to have an annulment, it would be necessary for us to get married in the early hours of the morning the following day

This would mean I would have to sneak out of the house on the night of my birthday which could prove to be a bit tricky, even trickier if my parents took me out to celebrate.

William and Anna listened to all these issues and we discussed what we would do

Security will run you down hard
And I will lead them on a merry chase

September 26, 2022 1:34 pm  #3008

Re: Movie night

Tristan's POV:

The rest of the week goes relatively stressful with Enid's parents pushing her not to see me anymore, the situation is making Enid more tipsy and over the edge more frequently, I have to be very undestanding and loving. More often than not Enid breaks down in tears, most of the times with only me to comfort her but a few times even in public, I notice she is becoming more comfortable crying in public, I remember she was very shy to do so when I met her, she even allows me to wipe and kiss her tears, I guess she is even starting to like it.

Enid asks me to arrange a meeting with William and Anna to finalize our wedding arrangements, William says that we should invite his brother, he is very creative and could add a lot of insight. Enid gets a bit anxious and tears fill her eyes. Anna takes Enid's shoulder in a comforting way as William calls Jarrod and puts him in speaker. Jarrod says he could arrange calling Enid's mom and offer Enid a scholarship for a music course, that way she could get out early (as the school is in Boston), he even offered to make sure it's not a lie he offered the scholarship for a music initiation course with a duration of one semester. Camilla adds (she is in speaker next to Jarrod) that they would love to attend the wedding and even bring them on a tour to Massachusetts, the school and other beautiful places to celebrate the wedding.

Enid's tears of love overflow, the whole family's gestures, the will to support and help me and her, barely knowing us. My jaw hangs when I see Anna squeezing Enid's shoulder as she brings her other hand to Enid's face, gently tracing a tear streak with her thumb until she catches her precious tear. I am not over this feeling of love for this couple when William, as in a canon, imitates Anna and brings his right hand to Enid's left cheek, slowly tracing the back of his index and middle fingers along a shiny tear streak, drying it until he catches a big, pearly tear at lip level. Enid doesn't even flush, I am so in love with this girl I lean and kiss a fresh tear that starts to roll down her cheek, kissing the streak under her eye as well.

Seems all these gestures got to Anna, as tears start to flow down her cheeks. Without thinking I bring my hand to her cheek, surprised to see Enid also raising a hand to her other cheek. At the same time we wipe a thick tear from her cheeks, following the streak until under her eye. She flushes and smiles at us as new tears roll down the same streaks, this time William kisses one and wipes the other lovingly.

We finish the arrangements, seems it'll be easier than expected, we say our goodbyes and wait for tomorrow to see how the plan goes...


September 27, 2022 1:50 am  #3009

Re: Movie night

As soon as I touch Jarrod's warm hand to my even warmer cheek he tells me to feel free to let it all out. That was it. Big, hot tears begin to cascade down my flushed cheeks. I take the initiative to use the back of his hand to wipe both my tears as well as their streaks. I get a slight tingle of arousal as this is the first time I've wiped my own tears with his hand. I look at him and see he is smiling at me. I guess he likes this as much as I do.

Jarrod leans in and surprises me with a kiss next to my lips, then one on my lips. As soon as we break our kiss I notice a rather sad scene is starting. I cam feel a lip curl coming on, but feel rather self conscious (even in front of Jarrod) as I think it makes me look like a very ugly crier. I'm startled out of my thoughts as I feel him giving g me a delicate peck on my lips, then brushing his finger pads across my lips. He then whispers that I shouldn't try to hide my lip curl as it doesn't make him think of me as ugly only more beautiful, sexy even. He then drops his hand back to my thigh.

I decide to continue to watch the movie and let whatever happens happen naturally. After a moment I can't help but feel my lips forming into a giant lip curl. I feel my breathing increase and my cheeks flush again. I turn to look at Jarrod so he can see all the trust and love I have in him (letting my lips ugly curl)...

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September 27, 2022 2:00 am  #3010

Re: Movie night

Camilla continues watching the movie, no longer suppressing her lip curl, I don't recall seeing such a big lip curl on her sexy lips, not even at court. She blushes and turns to look at me, guess emphasizing the trust she has in me. I make sure she knows I DO find her sexy and attractive, I lean and kiss her curled lips, kissing a few tears afterwards as I caress her curled lips with the back of my fingers, then with the tips of my index and middle fingerpads, finally slowly tracing them with the back of my fingers.

The movie ends and I am still caressing her cheeks, taking care of her tears as much as her lip curl, I never cease to caress her lip curl. I look at Camilla's beautiful eyes...


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