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September 27, 2022 2:21 am  #3011

Re: Movie night

Anna's pov:

As soon as I suggest we cuddle in bed William immediately takes me to the bedroom. We undress and climb into bed. I intertwine my legs with his and fall asleep, but not before I feel him indulging himself in caressing and jiggling my thighs and calves.

The next day we have a meeting with Tristan and Enid to finalize their wedding plans. I'm surprised when William suggests we should invite Jarrod and Camilla but am rather happy they may be sharing this occasion with us. I'm not surprised to see Enid's eyes fill witth tears at the suggestion as he calls Jarrod. Jarrod says he'd love to come and he'd even come up with an excuse to get her out of her parent's house. Camilla adds that they'd love to bring them on a tour of Massachusetts as their wedding  gift.

I can't help but place my hand on Enid's left shoulder and give it a firm squeeze of support when her tears finally begin to overflow. I can't help but bring my right hand to her face without a single hesitation and trace her tear streak with the pad of my thumb until I reach her tear. I smile when I see William imitates my caring gesture and brings his right hand to Enid's left cheek tracing the backs of his index and middle fingers along a tear streak, drying it until he catches a tear next to her lip. Tristan joins in and kisses a newly falling tear as well as the streak it is starting to form just under her eye.

I can't help but feel tears of pure love and caring begin to freely flow down my cheeks. I'm surprised when I feel two new hands I've never felt before on my cheeks. Tristan's and Enid's. They each wipe a tear from each of my cheeks following the streak until they are just under my eyes. I can't help but let a giant smile spread across my face as I feel new tears beginning to roll down the same streaks as the previous ones. This time it is William I feel  kissing and wiping them away.

After we talk for a bit more and finish the arangements we wait anxiously for tomorrow. Jarrod and Camilla called us that evening saying they couldn't get the day off to drive up to the wedding but could move a few things around so they could video call during the wedding so they could still be there.


September 27, 2022 4:31 am  #3012

Re: Movie night

Caitlin's POV

It was my fifth day in NY. On Sunday me, Robyn, Susan and Edward were going to Leanne's wedding and we were all honoured and excited since only Robyn and Susan had been invited out of all of Leanne's fellow college students

Today we were visiting the Empire State Building and Robyn got a little emotional as we stood outside ready to enter

'This is where we were going the day I got mugged on the Subway' Robyn said, tears running down her cheeks

'I remember' I said gently, my eyes full of tears too. I tenderly took Robyn by the hand and we walked inside and got up to the Observation Deck

Robyn took her hair out of it's claw clip allowing it to fall down her shoulders and I did the same with my ponytail.

We just stood silently letting the breeze gently ruffle our hair. Tears were streaming down Robyn's face as she looked at the view, and it didn't take long for tears to stream down my face as well. The sight of NY from up here was so beautiful

I wrapped my arm round my girlfriend as we silently nuzzled together for a few minutes. We then wiped away any remaining tears and shared a kiss

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September 27, 2022 4:47 am  #3013

Re: Movie night

Enid's POV

It was 11:30 pm on the day of my birthday. My parents were sleeping soundly in their beds thanks to Jarrod suggesting I knock them out with sleeping pills, whilst we were having dinner.

I put on my favourite knee length emerald green dress, pinning half my hair back. I them put on my matching green shoes

At this point my eyes welled with tears. I was actually going to do this, become the wife of the person I loved

Wanting to record my tears for posterity I lifted up my phone and they ran down my cheeks. After wiping them away, I put on my black denim jacket to keep warm and left gently closing the door behind me

I was reminded that Marie when she had done her Master Stopwatch duties for Robyn's friend Rachel she had called it 'Mission Top Secret' This felt like that too

Camilla and Anna met me in their car at the bottom of the street and their eyes filled with tears as they gave me a hug

We drove to the venue where the wedding was going to take place. Mirabelle was waiting, tears running down her cheeks.

I'd never seen her cry before it was a little odd at first but I soon enjoyed it

She greeted me with a hug and we all went inside. William and Jarrod were already there with Tristan looking very smart in his suit and tie

When the clock ticked over to 12:01 am, the day after my birthday we began

As we took our vows, my only focus was on Tristan, as if the only two people on the world were just the two of us.

He didn't cry during the vows but I know he would have wanted to. His eyes did fill but he bit his lip and fought them back

I did cry though, my tears streamed down my face as I affirmed my commitment to my love. Tristan gently thumbed them away and we kissed at the conclusion of the ceremony to a chorus of claps

We signed the register and just like that we were man and wife. It was 12:35 am

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September 28, 2022 3:50 am  #3014

Re: Movie night

Jarrod and I drove the four hrs to New York leaving our house shortly after dinner. We arrived to William and Anna's about an hr before the wedding. Jarrod rode with William while Anna rode with me. We met Enid at the bottom of her street (Anna giving me directions). We met William, Jarrod and Tristan at the venue. We all waited anxiously for the clock to strike midnight.

As soon as the clock struck 12:01 the ceremony began. Although small, it was a nice ceremony. We listened to Tristan and Enid say their vows. As the ceremony continued I could tell Tristan had some tears filling his eyes but unfortunately he refused to let any fall. Enid, however was another story. She let her tears stream down her face to which Tristan thumbed them away in the most devout, loving way I've ever seen. Especially in front of a room full of nearly all people they barely knew.

Before we knew it the ceremony was over. It hadn't even lasted half an hr. We soon psrted ways deciding to stay at William and Anna's for the rest of the night before driving home later in the day as we still had two more days of work before the week was over.

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September 28, 2022 4:15 am  #3015

Re: Movie night

Anna's pov:

William and I were rather anxious the day before the wedding hoping Tristan and Anna could pull this off as they seemed a very loving couple who deserved nothing more than for this to work out.

We got a call around lunch time that instead of doing a video call to view the wedding, Jarrod and Camilla decided they could make the drive after all to attend in person. They decided to drive the four hrs up just after dinner and arrive an hr or so before the wedding. They'd stay with us for the night and drive home early the next afternoon as they still had to go to work for the rest of the week, only missing one day.

William and Camilla finally arrived to our house as planned. Just about an hr before the wedding.  We decided to let Jarrod ride with William and I'd ride with Camilla.  Camilla and I picked up Enid at the bottom of her street, glad things were going to plan. We met William, Jarrod and Tristan at the venue where we all waited anxiously for midnight.

As soon as the clock struck 12:01 the ceremony began. It was a small but intimate ceremony that seemed to go with out a hitch. Tristan and Enid said their vows. Although the ceremony didn't last much more than a half hr it was rather beautiful. At one point I noticed Tristan had tears in his eyes but wasn't letting them fall. Maybe because there were too many people he wasn't really that close too there or maybe because he was saving his energy for comforting Enid as tears finally began to stream down her face in the most beautiful way I've ever experienced. I then watched as Tristan thumbed away all of Enid's tears.

Before we knew it the ceremony was over and we all headed back to our house for the rest of the night.

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September 28, 2022 4:27 am  #3016

Re: Movie night

Melissa's pov:

I called my brother two days before his wedding saying that although Lisa said she'd love to accompany me to his wedding I wasn't going to be able to attend after all as I had the flu. I couldn't help but begin to silently sob on the phone hoping my brother wouldn't notice.

"It's ok Mel, really. I just want you to feel better." My brother said before we hung up.

In the next two days Lisa stayed with me day and night trying to make me feel well enough to attend my brother's wedding, but it was no use. The day of the wedding came and I felt just as horrid as I had since the beginning of the week.

I was lying on the couch watching tv with my head on Lisa's lap trying to get my mind off the wedding, but as soon as I saw the clock strike midnight I couldn't help but have tears begin to stream down my face uncontrollably. Without missing a beat Lisa began to gently shush me while taking her left hand and, using the back of her hand, delicately wiping my tears from my right cheek.

"It's Tristan. I'm sure he understands. We can call him tomorrow to congratulate him." Lisa said comfortingly trying to help me calm down.

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September 28, 2022 4:46 am  #3017

Re: Movie night

Tristan's POV:

Enid goes from school straight home, she texts me she won't be able to go to the cafe. I work, a bit worried as it's her birthday and I wanted to treat her like my princess (massage, dinner and a love making session). A little before I close the cafe she texts me and asks me to dress up for the wedding, I choose an all black outfit, trying to honor the monks at the abbey. I get home, take a shower, rest for a while in the sofa and as I was starting to fall asleep I get a call from Enid, telling me that she would pick me up in 20 minutes.

I'm surprised to see Enid breathtakingly beautiful, wearing her favorite knee length emerald green dress, half her hair pinned and matching green shoes. Her calves look extremely sensual, defined, visible firm muscles, yet soft, shapely and with a jiggle that makes my heart skip a beat with every step she takes. I can't wait to see her thighs when we get in the car.

The next big surprise is seeing Jarrod, Camilla, William and Anna waiting for us in their cars. I thought Jarrod and Camilla said they couldn't make it. I get in the car, William is driving, Jarrod his copilot,  Anna and Camilla are in the other car, leaving the center row for Enid and I. As soon as Enid gets in the car I can't help but see her perfect thighs. I hop in and sit next to her, I ask her: "How did you manage to get Jarrod and Camilla to come, more so, how did you deal with your mom?"

My heart is racing as Enid takes my left hand in her right hand and places it on her thigh, I can't help feeling a tent slowly growing in my pants and my heart starting to beat faster as I feel her quads jiggle against the back of my hand.
We arrive at an extremely fancy restaurant inside hotel, the Arabelle, inside the Hotel Plaza Athenee. I am a bit puzzled, seems that instead of me surprising Enid on her birthday she is surprising me. As soon as we enter the manager says hi to Jarrod in a very familiar way and walks us to the restaurant. I feel extremely grateful for Jarrod to invite us a pre-wedding romantic dinner, but, what's happening here, the manager opens a closed space, Le Trianon. Once we enter, the manager closes again, there is so much luxury inside, Murano glass chandeliers, silver dishes, I wonder how much Jarrod spent here.

Enid gives my rib a soft elbow to get my attention, I look and I see a notary there, I turn to her, my eyes filling with tears (as I know what's happening here), I bite my lip as I notice Mirabelle is arriving and stands next to Enid.  Mom arrives, a few seconds before the ceremony starts. The ceremony starts, all of us quite emotional (due to the circumstances), I have to bite my lips to stop myself from crying (I would have had this been more intimate, that is Mirabelle out of the picture). I see Enid's eyes fill with tears several times, each more than the previous, seems she is trying to remain composed as well.

The moment where we say our vows is finally happening, my eyes quickly fill with tears, I have to use all my willpower to prevent them from spilling down my cheeks. I see Enid's eyes full of tears, her beautiful face already a bit flushed (I love her flushed cheeks and the tip of her nose is oh, so sexy when it flushes). I say my vows, my voice breaks a couple of times, my eyes are on Enid, I manage to finish my vows without crying (I am mentally spent of trying not to cry, I know I will once this is over). It's Enid's turn to say her vows, her first small, thin, Hollywood style tears start to slide down her silky cheeks as she is saying her vows but the dam really breaks when we say "I do", a stream of big, hot, thick tears roll down Enid's face unabashedly and unchecked. I wipe and kiss them naturally, by now I'm used and love taking care of her tears.

After a long, deep kiss, I turn to look at the guests and surprise myself seeing Enid isn't the only one crying.
Jarrod comes and gives me a strong hug, wishing me the best and offering any help I might need, going to hug Enid as well, Camilla comes to hug me, I feel tingles as I have never felt such a firm female body tight against me, it kind of feels like Enid but in a mature, developed way. William and Anna congratulate us as well then Jarrod excuses himself, saying he and Camilla have to get back to Boston and that dinner's on him.

I have an unforgettable dinner with Enid...


September 28, 2022 5:06 am  #3018

Re: Movie night

William's POV:

I call Jarrod telling him the plan, the wedding will take place at a small garden at midnight, Jarrod (knowing him it doesn't surprise me) asks me to take them to the Hotel Plaza Athenee he will have a surprise there. The time arrives, Jarrod arrives to my house, we split cars, I take Jarrod as we know where we're going and he knows has the reservation, and Anna takes Camilla, we all go to pick up the young couple but the girls take them to the hotel as Jarrod and I go ahead to get everything ready.

We reach the hotel and Enid makes a surprised face: "Oh, I forgot to tell Mirabelle where we are, actually even I don't know where we are". She shares location with Mirabelle. We go in accompanied by the manager of the hotel, we go through a lot of luxury, get to the restaurant, a traditional luxury Jarrod would do, then the manager takes us to a private room within the restaurant, utmost luxury, silver, onyx and other precious metals adorning the walls, floor and even the silverware.

The ceremony starts, the lasts guests arrive barely on time. It is a very emotional wedding (especially considering the situation), Tristan looks like he is about to cry (as Anna and Camilla, and, honestly I had to push tears back). When the vows take place Enid starts to cry, she looks very beautiful, crying like a Hollywood start, I wish I cried like that, I had to take that thought back when the moment they say I do pushes Enid to the limit of her emotions, rivers of tears rush down her young cheeks in multiple streaks, adorning her cute cheeks almost reaching her chin, had Tristan not wiped and kissed them. We go and congratulate them, Jarrod and Camilla first (as they have to leave), my jaw drops when I see Jarrod very tenderly wiping Enid's tears after brushing his cheek against hers. When I get to hug her, she leans her cheek against mine, transferring her still hot tears from her soft cheek to mine. When I break the hug, I kiss her cheek, inevitably kissing a tear streak, then bring my hands to wipe her face clean of tears. She smiles and we also say our goodbyes, leaving them to enjoy alone.


September 28, 2022 2:44 pm  #3019

Re: Movie night

Next day we get a call from Anna, letting us know the young couple's wedding is taking place a tomorrow after midnight, told me it would be in a very simple venue, kind of like a park with a simple notary and a couple guests to make it legal. I tell them we'll be there and to not say anything but forget the park, I will give them an unforgettable wedding venue.  tell Camilla the plan, she has a radiant smile, this situation seems like taken out of a movie.

Next day we dress for the wedding, I choose a black, classic suit, Camilla wears one of her favorite knee length dresses paired with 3 inch heels (which makes her calves look irresistibly attractive). Our work day goes as usual, after work we head straight to NY, we reach Willam's place and go pick up the guys, Will asks us to leave our car at his house and we split, I go with Will and Cam goes with Anna. The girls pick up the couple as we go to arrange the venue.

I take them to the fanciest restaurant I know inside a Hotel, so they have a memorable dinner and wedding night. The wedding starts and I see a few unfamiliar faces (their guests), as the ceremony goes by I notice a young girl (later found out it was Enid's witness) with tears streaming down her cheeks, it was kind of unusual as her tears were small and the streaks left thin, yet there were a lot of streaks that almost covered her whole face. I see Camilla's and Anna's eyes also get a bit watery at some point, but they kept their tears at bay.

During the whole ceremony Enid's eyes shine with tears, even Tristan's eyes fill with tears during the vows. As Enid says her vows her beautiful grey eyes finally overflow and a river of thick tears stream down her cheeks. Tristan looks as if about to break down too, but he refrains himself. He focuses on wiping and kissing Enid's tears, then, cupping her cheeks, gives her a passionate, loving kiss.

I make sure to immortalize every moment, I even took pictures of Mirabelle and the couple's mothers crying, but I focused on Tristan's almost crying face and Enid's tear streaked cheeks, not forgetting the memorable picture of Tristan lifting Enid like a princess, her toned, worked out thighs giving in to the pressure of Tristan's fingers looks very artistic.

We go and congratulate the guys, I surprise myself when Enid rubs her tear streaked cheek against mine, then I instinctively correspond kissing a new falling tear from her cheek and wiping her face clear of tear streaks (and leftover tears).

At around 1:30, we leave the couple alone for their wedding night.

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September 28, 2022 6:01 pm  #3020

Re: Movie night

Enid's POV

I knew Tristan would want us to have a wedding night but there was something I had to do first

'I need to face the music with my parents' I told him. 'Can I call you when I know'

He was very reluctant at leaving me alone to my parents wrath. He even shed a tear which was super sweet of him.

'OK' He said eventually. 'But be careful' I tenderly wiped his tear and passionately kissed him on the lips

Leaving my husband in the hotel, I took a taxi back to my home and snuck back in the house. My parents hadn't woken yet thank goodness

They weren't exactly pleased at my news the following morning. Stiffly my mum told me that I had better go to my husband then

I packed up my clothes tears running down my cheeks. This wasn’t how I had envisaged my first full day of married life.

After I had packed my bags they didn't even wave me off, they just let me leave. I held back my tears until I was in the taxi going back to Tristan, then let them stream down my face

I hoped I would be able to fix things with my parents. I texted Tristan and told him I was coming and he replied ge would be waiting for me

And he was giving me a big hug as I exited the taxi. We paid the driver and went up the stairs. As we entered Susan hailed us from the door. She looked nice her long raven hair loose and curled down her back and wearing a knee length red dress

'Enid, it's good to see you. What are you doing here. Are you here for the wedding?'

I was a but flustered for a minute before Susan explained that Leanne was getting married that afternoon.

We both explained that we weren't and following a brief conversation we went up to our room to decide what we would do next

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