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November 24, 2022 9:37 am  #3391

Re: Movie night

Caitlin's POV

Millie had a surprise for me as Halloween approached.

'I know we have our movie watch on Saturday but I thought since it's a special day, you might want to watch with Robyn instead'

She passed me over my copy of A Nightmare on Elm Street. I picked it up as my eyes filled with tears. Me and my girlfriend hadn't seen a film together in so long, it would be nice to see another albeit separated by a few thousand miles

'Thank you' I said tears running down my cheeks

'Your welcome' Millie replied. Her own eyes started to fill. This was the first time I had ever seen her exhibit emotions strong enough to cause tears. They didn't fall though as she blinked them back

'Hey besties' Milly greeted as she came over for lunch. Our conversation then moved onto other topics

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November 24, 2022 3:18 pm  #3392

Re: Movie night

William's POV:

Anna says in a sultry tone: "I really want dessert, but also can't hold off for a full round with you." I reply: "I have an idea that will fill both of your appetites. How about you order dessert for yourself and our little one and while we wait for it to arrive we slip away into the bathroom." Anna agrees, we order a complex and elaborate dessert we know it will take more than a few minutes to be ready, we stand up and go to the bathroom. I can't help but feel a tent build in my still wet shorts seeing Anna's sexy thighs jiggling as we walk.

We finally reach the bathroom, I gasp as Anna gets creative...


November 24, 2022 3:50 pm  #3393

Re: Movie night

I love Camilla admitting: "If you keep teasing me we won't have time to go out for breakfast. We'll have to have our breakfast in bed." I reply in a sultry voice: "Are you saying you want ME for breakfast? Have you already recovered from yesterday? I'd love to make your firm, toned thighs become soft and jiggly once more, just for me." I smile with just the thought.


November 24, 2022 4:28 pm  #3394

Re: Movie night

"Yes you would be the perfect breakfast." I begin smiling at Jarrod debating if I really wouldn't mind skipping breakfast. "We could just grab a quick something on the way to work instead, if that's ok." I finish starting to get excited.

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November 24, 2022 4:34 pm  #3395

Re: Movie night

Anna's pov:

William and I fnally reach the bathroom. I decide I should suprise him by getting a bit creative this time. I know its going to be a bit of a challenge seeing as how I am VERY pregnant. After thinking for a sec I ask him to sit on the toilet. He immediately pulls out his member in anticipation. I throw my shorts aside and sit on him facing him. He leans back just a bit so my belly will fit between us. I then sit down and let his member slide in...

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November 24, 2022 5:18 pm  #3396

Re: Movie night

Amans lacrimae wrote:

Tristan's POV:

Our final premarital class is today, Enid and I dress up properly for it, she chooses a long red dress and heels, I decide to wear my former benedictine suit, all black. The last class finishes, we have a small celebration, I look into Enid's eyes, my eyes filling with happy tears knowing we'll have the best wedding in about a month, I caress her cheeks as I softly say: "I love you, I am the happiest guy knowing I'll be with you for the rest of my life".

Enid's POV

My eyes fill with tears too and they quickly stream down my face.

'And I'm the happiest girl in the world' I replied. We both tenderly wipe our tears away and share a passionate kiss

We fill our days with not only plans for our church wedding, but also studying at college and wondering how we could decorate the shop for Christmas

Kim and Leanne prove to be invaluable to this process. The two of them are looking forward to December

'It's going to be so magical' Leanne said, tears running down her cheeks. 'My first Christmas with my wife' I asked her if she'd checked on Robyn recently

'No, I haven't' Leanne said wiping her tears as a third ran down her left cheek. She wiped this away too 'I have been following her on social media and stuff. Her and Caitlin watched a horror movie together on Halloween but that's the last I've heard'

Another pair of tears streamed down her face

'I'm such a bad friend, I should go see her'. I put a supportive hand on her shoulder and she wiped her remaining tears and her and Kim continued the holiday planning

Emily was also enjoying the first weeks of her new relationship with her girlfriend, but she had worries too.

'I'm not like my ex' she said, tears running down her cheeks. 'I can't do the long distance thing. I'm going to have to decide in six months what to do. Stay here or go back to the UK. I'm letting you know now so you have time to get a replacement for me'

I nodded and told her I would let Tristan know

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November 24, 2022 5:53 pm  #3397

Re: Movie night

Camilla answers straight forward with a smile on her face: "Yes you would be the perfect breakfast. We could just grab a quick something on the way to work instead, if that's ok."

I finish stretching and go back to bed with her, making love with my beautiful and sexy wife is a better workout than the one I had planned. Seeing she is still naked, I slip out of my shorts and begin caressing Camilla’s sculpted body starting a slow foreplay.


November 24, 2022 6:36 pm  #3398

Re: Movie night

William’s POV:

Anna surprises me when she asks me to sit on the toilet. I comply and throw my shorts aside, Anna follows and sits on me, facing me . I lean back just a bit so her belly will fit between us. She slowly sits down and l slide in, becoming one with her. I don’t know how to proceed seeing her advanced pregnancy, so I let her set the pace. I feel my member pulsating inside her, just feeling her soft, silky thighs giving in with the weight on my quads turns me on like a teenager. I love feeling this renewed love for my wife.


November 24, 2022 9:58 pm  #3399

Re: Movie night

Tristan’s POV:

My beautiful wife’s eyes quickly fill with tears which immediately overflow and leave multiple thick streaks on her beautiful face. I catch a few hot tears with my thumbs and finger pads as I am cupping her cheeks. Seeing her tears of love for me push my tears to overflow as well as she answers: 'And I'm the happiest girl in the world'. We lovingly wipe each other’s tears and share a passionate kiss. I can’t help going further and, what started with a kiss turns into passionate love making. I think I’m addicted with her sensual lips, her firm abs, her chiseled, strong thighs that bring the most sexual sensations in my body and her shapely, hard calves that jiggle against my abs when they clash with them.

I see her face of happiness when we finish, I thank God the day we met.

Time goes by, we prepare for the season, both in school and in the shop, I don’t schedule any training for December. Both Kim and Leanne are very important in this process. It’s four weeks before Christmas.


November 25, 2022 8:52 am  #3400

Re: Movie night

Kirsty's POV

'Hey, Kirst. How long for the popcorn' Sophie asked sliding a hand into mine. She rubs a booted leg up against mine

'Another three minutes' I told her as my mouth broke into a tender smile and my eyes filled with tears

We exchanged a passionate kiss and then I turned back to the microwave. Sophie gently took my hair out of it's ponytail and began carefully passing her fingers through the loose fronds. The tears in my eyes began to overflow and they ran down both my cheeks, as I gently sighed in ecstasy.

As the microwave bleeped, I wiped my tears away taking the bowl out and putting it on the side. Sophie tied my hair back into it's ponytail and we carried it through

Kate and Rachel were here as well as Samantha and her boyfriend Damien. All of us girls were wearing our knee high boots apart from Samantha - because she didn't have any, who instead was wearing her black knee high socks scrunched to her ankles

We were having a Scream marathon as it was Halloween night. Shortly before we started Rachel had a notification on her phone. Matthew Ahn had completed his final transit run and won the £1m jackpot.

'How much did you win, Rach' Samantha asked her

'I haven't finished yet' Rachel replied. 'But I'm expecting it to be about £160 grand'

We all gave her our congratulations, which she accepted a little bashful

'I'm so proud of her' Kate said, tears running down her cheeks. 'She did really well'

We all settled in front of the television and started the first film

Security will run you down hard
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