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September 9, 2018 11:26 am  #11

Re: Roleplay DC based story written in POV

Supergirl's POV

I was back in my office trying to stop my tears. Eventually they stopped and I gulped a few deep breaths as I composed myself.

There came a knock on my door and I stood up, unlocking it and then opening the door

It was Kal. Another surge of emotion passed through me and I hugged him tightly as I burst into tears once more sobbing so hard I thought I'd pass out.

Kal wiped my tears away and guided me to my seat where I composed myself once more.

"I'm sorry." I hiccuped. "I haven't been to see you."

"Kara it's okay." Kal said softly. "You have your own life to lead."

I let out some deep breaths again, not wanting to speak until I was perfectly calm

"Have you heard the news." I asked Kal. "About Bruce Wayne"

Kal's face hardened a little.

"Yes. Yes I did."

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September 9, 2018 12:02 pm  #12

Re: Roleplay DC based story written in POV

Selina Kyle's POV

I looked at the leather costume that belonged to my 'alter-ego'

A leather costume that had been through so much and had seen too much.

But now I had to pass the torch. Part of my agreement with Bruce when we got engaged was to leave Catwoman behind. Forever

I pulled out a small case from my wardrobe and silently, quickly packed the costume into it ignoring the tear that slipped down my right cheek.

It dripped symbolically onto the Catwoman mask sliding down in much the same way as it had down my own face.

It was now or never. Alfred drove me to the street where I used to live. He was understandably not wanting to stay for much longer.

Climbing the familiar stairs, I knocked on my former door which opened after a brief pause.

Holly stood in the doorway and looked at me her eyes silently filling with tears. She stepped aside allowing me to enter.

"Let me clear a space for you." she said a heartbreaking sob emerging from her throat.

"Holly, we don't have a lot of time." I said my own eyes threatening to fill.

"Just say what you have to say and go." Holly spat.

Wordlessly I put the costume down on the floor. I was about to go when Holly called me back

She tenderly kissed me on the mouth

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September 9, 2018 2:06 pm  #13

Re: Roleplay DC based story written in POV

Holly Robinson’s POV

I was in shock, Selina was leaving me, a lot of episodes with Selina raced through my mind, how we used to work together, in all my positions, ears, eyes, hands of Selina. I was hoping this was just a bad dream. Suddenly, I hear a knock on the door, it is Selina, I couldn’t keep my tears at bay but I decided to let her in.
A sob escaped from my throat, I raised my eyes to meet hers, Selina told me she didn’t have a lot of time, as I noticed her eyes slowly filling with tears.
I tried to sound brave and pretended not to care, I told her to say whatever she had to and leave. She just laid the catwoman costume on the floor, and turned around to leave.

I couldn’t stand losing her, and I involuntarily called her back, she turned back to me and I passionately kissed her soft lips. We both lost it as, during the kiss I felt several tears roll fast down my cheeks, I felt each tear burning my face as it streaked all the way from my eyes to my chin where all of them reunited and fell as one. I felt Selina’s lips quiver while I kissed her, I instinctively caressed her cheek, feeling warm tears along it. When she felt my hand on her soft skin, she broke the kiss, and I opened my eyes not expecting to see Selina’s beautiful face marked with several tear streaks and tears choosing which way to fall, her tears streamed unchecked down her face silently, all I could do was to tenderly wipe them from her face, she made a small smirk as she cleared the hot tears from my face.

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November 19, 2018 4:23 pm  #14

Re: Roleplay DC based story written in POV

Wonder Woman’s POV

Quarter final round is starting, I am stretching before entering the arena, I start with neck, then shoulders, go to elbows and wrists, already down to my waist, I feel it a bit stiff, work thoroughly on it, my top fits well, when stretching it barely showed my abs, I then focused on my thighs, when I started stretching them my muscles were hard and tense, I started to jiggle them to loosen the tension, at that moment I heard footsteps coming my way, since I was about to enter the arena I did not distract and continued to jiggle my thighs then the calves, afterwards I continued stretching my legs, at that moment I saw Arthur watching me. When I finished, I went to him, he said I looked beautiful and wished me success in this round.

I entered the arena and found a beautiful woman in a very revealing outfit, only her breast and private parts were covered even though she was wearing long sleeves her abs and her thighs were visible, she had the body definition of a classical dancer, slim arms, flat but not toned abs, defined leg muscle, she had below knee boots, so her calves were covered, also she had wings on her back that stood still.

The combat had begun, she took a couple of steps forward to gain impulse and leapt towards me, even though she is a girl, I got distracted by the jiggle of her thighs in those couple of steps, I covered her punches, but I noticed she had something sharp as my left forearm started bleeding.
She rushed for a second round of punches, this time I crouched and threw her down with a foot sweep. Her thighs jiggled beautifully when she fell, anyways, I saw that as her soft spot so I tried an ankle lock while immobilizing her other leg with my stretched leg. She surprised me stretching further back, releasing her leg and jumping towards me releasing her ankle and landing above me.

I grabbed one of her thighs and pushed myself onto her other side, making her lose balance. I quickly shifted position and had her head between my thighs and got her in a knee bar, I placed enough pressure to hurt her but not enough to break it, for a good 30 seconds she desperately tried to remove my thighs from her head while kicking the air with her free leg.

She finally tapped hard on my firm thigh, my thigh didn’t even move a bit as my muscles were tense, the referee said it was over, I quickly released her head and removed my legs from her while loosing pressure on her knee, before I got up I slowly patted her upper-inner thigh twice feeling her limp muscles jiggle and seeing the wavy effect to all other nearby muscles, after the second pat I kept my hand on her thigh and used it as support to stand up myself feeling it sink all the way to the bone.

I gave Helen a hand to help her up, she hesitated a bit but her knee hurt, so she had no choice, as I was helping her up I noticed a couple of tear streaks from the outer corner of her eyes to her ears, when she finally stood up I asked her if she was ok, her chin trembled as she tried in vain to blink back tears, sending two tears down her left eye, one from the middle of her cheek and one from the inner corner down the side of the nose and three down her right eye, a large tear from the middle of her eye split in two leaving a couple of streak around the middle of her cheek, and another one down the inner corner down the nose. My heart went tender seeing 7 tears streaking her face, I don’t know if it was humiliating or comforting but I hesitantly wiped with my open hand finger pads from the outer corner of her eyes to the side of the nose drying her tear stains with the palm of my hand.

I went out of the arena and Arthur was there waiting to take care of my wounds.

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November 22, 2018 1:43 pm  #15

Re: Roleplay DC based story written in POV

Barry Allen's POV

Sometimes I think I should swap places with Alfred I muttered as I placed my shopping bag on the ground and prepared to pay for my wares

Mr Wayne was doing one of his experiments again. I had no idea what because he didn't tell me but it did mean I was getting some funny looks from the customers in the queue.

"I haven't got all day." a girl told me who was standing directly behind me. "Can you hurry up before I die of old age."

I gave her a brief look. She had long dark hair pulled back into a hair clip, and to be fair did look very beautiful. If of course you could look past the horrible attitude.

I decided it was time to have some fun. Part of the shopping Bruce asked me to get for him was an eye dropper and some saline solution. Using my super speed I reached up behind the girls head and loosened the clip keeping her hair in place, then using the eye dropper gently placed some saline solution under each of her eyes.

It was fascinating for a few moments to watch the fake tears slowly make their way down her cheeks. The left tear seemed to move before the right which just stayed hanging on her eye lashes.

I put all the shopping back handed the necessary money to the cashier and returned to normal time.

The shriek of surprise from the girl was way funny. She couldn't understand why her hair was suddenly loose and why tears were running down her cheeks.

Suppressing my laughter, I took my change and left the supermarket. My phone rang in my pocket and I answered it. It was Bruce.

"Alfred took Selina to her old house." he explained. "She's finished now, so he can pick you up."

I hung up and after two minutes the familiar limo arrived. Alfred took my shopping and I stepped inside sitting next to Selina. She seemed to be upset about something as she looked as if she had been crying and the tears were still in her eyes.

Not wanting to pry, I kept quiet as we moved onto Wayne Manor

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November 25, 2018 3:52 pm  #16

Re: Roleplay DC based story written in POV

Arthur Curry’s POV:

I received a call from Priscilla Price inviting me to the first queen of combat event, I don’t like fighting without a purpose but decided to go out of curiosity. I was surprised to see all the girls who were enrolling, I saw Lushan in her traditional Japanese robe, Paula von Gunther wearing khaki pants and a long sleeve white shirt, then Clea wearing knee high boots, a green mid thigh skirt and an adjusted top, she looked nice, the bracelets on each arm matching the boots, I couldn’t avoid watching her front thigh muscle (rectus femoris) and both vastus muscles react with each step she took, plus her flat fit abs, she looked pretty good.

Helen Alexandros comes next, a simple green dress mid thigh length, her classical dancer sculpted body is still captivating, long blonde hair, slim but not muscular figure, well toned and nicely jiggling thighs and calves, ending in a pair of comfortable dancer shoes. Draska Nishki arrives in a green long sleeved blouse and a knee high flared skirt that shows off her soft, fleshy calves that jiggle with each leg movement she makes.

Afterwards, a tall blonde from the Netherlands it seems, who some call Gudra and others Gundra, shows up, long blonde hair, a tight black top revealing muscular abs, a pair of tight black leather shorts that reveal most of her very defined thighs, her muscles barely moved when she walked, and a pair of ankle high boots that allowed her to show off her chiseled calves that flexed her muscles with every step she takes.

A couple more come in including Pepita Valdez, Fausta Grables, Sontag Henya, who by the way attracted several pairs of eyes showing her chiseled legs as well as Dalma, the Amazon, who got a good part of the male and some female gazes when she appeared in her white amazonian mid thigh dress.

Another amazon comes dressed as an amazon, her hard, almost ripped legs made almost everyone turn to see her, also she was bald, Alkyone just registered and left. Soon after Osira arrives in her royal attire, her yellow crown with the green orb, tiara, bracelets, a green top that only covers her breasts allowing her slim abs to show, golden shorts at upper thigh level with a green ornament in the front, leaving her soft thighs visible and laced sandals that enhance her tender calves. She walked in a refined way, firm steps which made her thighs and calves jiggle.

Several other less known warriors arrived to enroll, when almost at the end arrived Diana Prince in a white t-shirt that barely revealed her toned lower abs and her slim but defined arms, a pair of pink mid thigh shorts showing her bare beautiful thighs that jiggled graciously with ever step she took in a pair of white tennis shoes.

Almost at the same time arrived a mysterious woman with long, curled black hair, a metal mask, shoulder pads and gauntlets, also made of some sort of metal a bottom that only covered her private parts with holsters on both sides with guns on each holster, and metal laced boots up to the knees, the only exposed parts were her powerful, yet soft muscular thighs and her firm, well defined abs. The way she walked intimidated most of the people around, it was a firm, loud step that made her thigh muscles almost dance, jiggling from side to side, and her calf muscles just jiggled trapped inside the metal laces.

Let’s see what happens in the tournament.

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